Mobile Marketing Challenges & How to Face Them

Every opportunity has its challenge. Even in digital mobile communications, marketers are bombed with emerging challenges and often they are at a fix. When there are multiple opportunities in the same channel or forum (in this case, mobile), which is quite common for digital sector; there comes the real challenge: which particular way should I talk to my customers? Besides this, there are many other disputes which marketers stay awake, even at night. Let’s have a look at the most faced mobile marketing challenges in today’s age and time, and how you can deal with them.

#1 Mobile App or Site

If you are a well known brand where consumers are freaking crazy for your products, developing a mobile app will work wonders by taking your consumers directly to your virtual shop, and deliver good experience of product browsing. For example, if you are a cosmetic brand, retail shop where consumers are more interested in your products and are hardly concerned about your business as a whole, go for an app.

And if your consumers love to seek information, like a hospitality site, restaurants, medical clinics, spas and saunas, first develop a mobile site. In case you are a new player in the game board, well develop a mobile-friendly site.

#2 Mobile Content Delivery

Delivering content that not only reaches your consumers but also evokes reaction is sometimes difficult, especially when the content fails to fit within the screen size of the mobiles. The only way out is to opt for responsive design, which again brings few challengers like spending more time in creating different design layers, and ensuring that it fits all screen sizes.

#3 Understanding how Consumers Consume Mobile Content

Remember that mobile is an integrated part of every consumer’s daily life. After receiving your content, consumers can give varied reactions. Some might go to your site-landing page, others can recommend your name to their peers, and few more can go through your message and scrutinizes your business. A handful of them can also ignore you. Whatever the reaction, you must keep a track of it. Just like you track your website visits, mobile communication are no exception.

#4 Frequency of Mobile Marketing

Some well renowned marketers have confessed scratching their head, trying to figure out how frequently they must target their consumers through their personal devices. The answer is simple. Whether you target once a day, or in an hour, or may be once a month (which is too rare though); you must develop a call-to-action message, make it more creative and justify your frequency, taking a look at your mobile marketing goals. All these answers will fetch you the right decision.


How will Mobile Marketing Develop Your Brands

With 1 billion of mobile subscribers just from India, you must now take the hand-held device seriously. Remember, it’s not just a device, but a platform, full of consumers, who are constantly on the search of something “new”. And if you can quench their hunger, well they are yours. Mobile marketing has indeed become a trend, and if you are not using such opportunities, you are losing quite a lot. Read on to know how mobile marketing will help you to develop your brand in the minds of your audience.

  1. High Mobility & Response Rates

Your consumers are constantly carrying their cell phones, wherever they go. Therefore, there’s no way that they won’t notice you. Your messages reach them instantly and receive some kind of response. Research states that mobile reach has increased to 80%. Also, the response rate is about 15%, which is more than traditional advertising, accounting for 2% to 3%. With high mobility and increasing reach; you can’t lose your customers.

  1. High Interactivity

Since your consumers respond to your communication through their mobiles, you can take it forward and engage them into an interactive session, which can be solving a riddle, filling up survey forms, or asking for feedback. In any case, you are engaging your audience and encouraging two-way communication consistently. Consumers love to talk, and when you ask for their recommendation, well they make your brand a family member.

  1. Integrate Marketing Campaigns

Through the personal cells and by consulting a digital marketing company, you can best integrate your marketing campaigns and enhance your brand’s presence. It gives you a wonderful opportunity to amalgamate innovative advertising and promotional tactics with your existing mobile marketing efforts, to drive constant engagement and boost awareness about your products and services. By doing so, you not only covert customers from mobiles to your sales counter; but also make a long-lasting image in their minds. 68% of companies have successfully integrated mobile marketing efforts with overall marketing strategy.

  1. Customization

Mobiles give you the bright opportunity to target your customers individually and customize your message to strike their minds and touch upon their hearts. By personalizing message, you get to know them better, interact with them and understand their specific needs, and create a common space between your brands and its end-users. Customized messages are more effective in stimulating responses, and delivers a “yes, this is what I am looking for” feeling to your customers.




Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch Out in 2017

Mobile is the new mantra in digital communication. While all throughout these years; consumers were targeted through their desktops, now the trends have shifted towards mobiles and mobile-related devices like tabs, iPads and Kindle. Today, users are active in their mobiles. They browse, they choose their products and brands, they provide feedback and even recommend brands; all by using their mobile devices. Therefore, mobiles are and will be an effective channel to target consumers.

In the growing age of mobile marketing, there are few trends to look for, in 2017:

  1. Instragram Advertising

A mobile-only application, Instagram has been flooding the digital marketing industry with its immense popularity and large number of users, as many as 400 millions. Research confirms that more than 60% of users log in on a daily basis, making the portal second-most engaged social network, after Facebook. Therefore, you can imagine, if your ads are liked even by a 1% or 2% of them, you have clicked it.

  1. Multi-Device Marketing

Besides smartphones, the next year is going to be full of smart watches, gaming platforms, smart TVs, and not to miss, innovative tablets. With such a variety of digital channels, you now know the plethora of opportunities awaiting your call. Adapting to such emerging trends will make your online communication more dynamic, flexible, and customized. Customers will recognize you more, and will want to connect to your business.

  1. Video Advertising

With users spending almost 20% of their time with their personal cells; video ads are something to look for. YouTube has already started the trend and are now mobile-friendly. By engaging consumers in your video ads that too in their mobiles, digital marketing company will deliver a “Seeing is Believing” experience, and they are surely going to fall for your brand.

  1. Merger of e-commerce & Social Media

Shopping carts and social media – they are getting more connected and with “Buy Now” button for Facebook, portals like Pinterest and Instagram are being associated with e-commerce sites, Thus, the thin line between the two is gradually decreasing, giving you more chances of establishing 360° communication and integrating your digital campaigns.

  1. Customized Applications

2017 will definitely revolutionize the concept of customization by personalizing applications according to the taste and choice of its users and speak to each of them, individually; thus creating a personal space for interaction and enhancing brand persona through digital channels.



Why should you consider going mobile digitally?

Of late, mobile and mobile-based devices like tablets, iPads, and the newly launched Kindle have witnessed massive searches from its users. With information available in just one click, today’s consumers prefer to browse through their personal cells. Most of them also spend maximum time searching for their desirables, through their smartphones. Such market insights clearly prove a point – mobile is a powerful and effective medium to hit your targets. Few years ago, mobiles were nothing but devices; however today, as we come across market data and analyze various statistics, we can conclude that mobiles are now platforms through which you can send your message to your end-user.

Here are the top reasons for going mobile digitally and using it as a part of online marketing technique:

#1 Your Consumers are there

Mobile phone penetration around the world is about 53%. Mobile share of organic search engine visits has been reported to be 48%. Such data tells you that your consumers are constantly live on their cell. They are active 24*7, and prefer communications sent through phones. Sections like apparels, retail, and other consumer goods have witnessed more than 60% searches from mobile and mobile-based devices. If you have to win the hearts of your customers, think mobile.

#2 Your Competitors are doing so

Most brands have taken into mobile platforms. Whether a new restaurant in town or an old retail; brands are now considering mobile, as one of the most powerful channels to talk to their customers and develop good relationship. And you being one of them must start thinking on the same lines, to get desired results.

#3 You Cut down Costs

Yes, you heard that right. Mobile marketing helps you to reduce your marketing spend, since it comes at cheaper rates. Each message can cost you around 40 – 50 INR, which is way cheaper than direct mails. With the help of a digital marketing company, you can minutely target your messages to the desired audience profile and control your budget.

#4 Your Consumers Read Your Messages

Unlike TV ads or promotional mails where consumers are forced to read your communication; out here they read your messages till the end; if only they are short, crisp and to-the-point. Consumers not only read the mobile texts but also responds to them, it it’s relevant to what they are looking for. In just few minutes, you can instantly engage your customers and create good impression about your brands.