Online Reputation Management – Digital Solution to Improve Brand Visibility!

Just like traditional PR, you also need to manage your brand image and standing, in the online platforms, and we call this Online Reputation Management (ORM). ORM gives you the freedom to monitor your brand communication, control your messages, and manage your reputation in the minds of your audience. Note that, there are people who might not use your products and/or services; however they talk about you in the online space. Online Reputation Management helps you to impress upon the society’s people, and not just your targets, which means you should be little more attentive while creating your brand communication. Here are ways through which digital media channels take care of your ORM.

online reputation management

#1 Build your Brand

Digital marketing company can connects you to your customers, and spread your brand awareness through social media. You can narrowly target your audience, and locate them effectively in various social media platforms. Social media takes you to those, who visit your sites regularly, show their interest in your offerings, and are loyal customers of your brands. Thus, you can maintain good network with your end-users and enhance your brand’s presence.

#2 Improve Your Relationships with Customers

Social media channels give you an opportunity to see what people think about your brand, or if at all, they know your name. Talks about your brand image and products go viral in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Based on online discussions, you know how your brand influences on your audience, and what kind of image it holds in the market. Knowing this, you can shape your future brand communications and strengthen you relationship with your customers. The best thing is, you directly talk to your people, and have the power to influence or change their current perception about your brand.

#3 Improve your Search Engine Ranking

Today, search engines and social media sites go hand-in-hand. Having a good profile, updated information, and relevant content on social media channels can get your sites on the first search engine ranking page of Google. Thus, your online image and online reputation management gives you more visibility, through your brand’s digital networks.

#4 Make use of Customer Comments

Your customers give reviews, post comments, and provide feedback on your products and services; to cut it short, your brand’s performance. Being on social media allows you to make use of positive comments and highlight your brand’s features, and shape your future brand messages, based on those feedbacks.

Digital Media Channels that You must use for Business Development!

You might have developed a visually attractive site, with good content and relevant features, all of which offers a unique experience to your site’s audience. But, what if they don’t see your site or just can’t access it, at one go? Therefore, to make your website visible in all search engine pages, and get traffic from various sources, you must adopt digital media solutions. With modern digital media channels, you can expect more visibility and awareness among your targets, and your website shall buzz with huge online traffic.

digital media channels
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A digital marketing company offers the following digital media channels:

  • Email Marketing: For generating leads, you might have collected key customer information like name, profession, contact info, email address, etc. However, you must also ensure that your email messages hit your targets, at the right time. Through email marketing service, you can minutely define your audience group, and send messages, with an ROI up to 4,300%. 
  • PPC Ads: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads are one of the most effective paid advertising channels which deliver highly targeted traffic of potential customers, within a short span of time. It is more cost-effective, and allows you to control your spends for a day, weak, or month for your running PPC ads. Budget is always within your grip. By choosing the right set of keywords, you can use search engine advertising, to optimize your ad information, and earn clicks organically. 
  • SEO: Yes, to find the right set of keywords, you need this. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves your site rankings on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other popular engines. SEO activities include keyword research and suggestion, on-page and off-page optimization, organic link building, and linkable asset creation.
  • Display Ads: There are third party websites, blogs and forums which provides collated information on various products, services and brands. By placing ads on these channels, you can reach out to your prospects and current customers, and get them to your site. You can place banners, video ads, interstitial ads, boxes, and interactive ads, and you pay based on Cost-Per-Impression (CPM)- meaning that people click on your ads, go to the landing page of your site.

Content Marketing: Content is the key channel through which you attract inbound traffic from highly targeted audience. With relevant and up-to-date content, you can get hold of maximum potential customers. Content includes everything from text, videos, and graphics to animations, and icons. Currently, more than 75% of digital marketers are increasing their content marketing activities.

Benefits of Using Twitter for Business Marketing

Twitter is another interactive social media site, which allows you to showcase your brand, talk about its features, and connect to your audience, in a short and crisp manner. The 140 letter character limit platform provides an opportunity to impress upon your customers and prospects, using fewer words with a strong meaning. Of late, businesses are also getting into twitter, following their people, and are in turned followed by fans and visitors, around the globe. They are taking help from digital marketing company to make an active presence in this social media platform. By using Twitter for business marketing, you can also:

twitter for business marketing

#1 Increase Your Brand Awareness

Using Twitter for business marketing is one of the best ways to boost your brand awareness, and bring more traffic to your brand’s webpage. By using Twitter lists, you can group your target people, whom you would like to follow. Twitter lists allow you to create separate lists for your customers, industry people, social media teachers, and vendors. With your tweets, you can increase your brand awareness by 79.4% and drive 58% more traffic to your site.

#2 Drive Engagements

By creating a conversation list, you can invite more people in your Twitter forum, have more talks, and drive more engagements. 78% of your engagements happen from retweets. 22% of your brand’s engagements are replies from your followers, whereas a massive 92% happen from clicks and links. Amidst so much talks, tweets, and conversations, you can make best use of Twitter for business marketing, and boost your revenue and reach.

#3 Influence Purchase Decisions

Twitter plays an active role to influence your customers, while making purchase decisions. Around 42% of customers learn about your products and services through your tweets, and a less one per cent provides their views and opinions about your brands. Some 31% of potential customers inquire about your business on Twitter. Around 21% make their product decisions, seeing your tweets and 19% ask for after-sales support.

#4 Change Your Visual Branding Ways

In Twitter for business marketing, you can change your visual branding, customize it, keeping in mind your target audience, and promote your business. Remember, visual essence, and look and feel of your Twitter page also attracts customers and creates a unique brand image in their minds. You can create custom graphics to develop a Twitter background, of your choice. You can also coordinate your new background image colors, with the old color combos and revamp your visual content. Changes in visual branding arrests 60% more interest of your Twitter followers.

How To Market Your Landing Pages Using Online Marketing Channels!

Do you know that your landing page is one of the most vital pages for your brand promotion and to earn profit from your brand? Landing Pages work well to collect email addresses of the targeted clients or buyers and when it goes in a right manner using right technology via the assistance of digital marketing company.

When your product or service is ready to sell and the landing pages of your website are created and published on the site. All of the links are also going to the precise places. You also get your setup done with your email service provider in order to collect your leads. Now, what is to be done? The next thing calls to drive traffic to your landing pages so as you can generate leads as well as can well-turned your business and for this process, you need to hire any good digital marketing agency.

landing page

Now, let’s uncover those points that market your landing pages so as you improve your business revenue:

Direct Calls to Action

In order to get people on your landing pages, your marketing campaign must have a strong call to action. Buyers love the instant response from your hand on the basis of the information which is being told by you.

The entire objective of your landing page is to encourage the people to visit your business website including the home page, subscription button or a newsletter, and other positive action for a better online marketing campaign. A digital marketing company can add such elements so as people can more frequently visit your site and of course most of the visiting converts in buying decision as per research.

Marketing Via Social Media

Social media is vitally a platform that crafts your brand image by outreaching the targeted audience through the various ways of ads. Because of the popularity of social networks, various social platforms are taking place in the current online marketplace.

Social sharing is vital for driving the traffic indeed. Well, your social pages are mostly composed by targeting the right audience that can make a purchase on your business website.

By posting distinct advertisement and links along with the tempting image in an informative form to your landing pages on social networks ensures that the precise audience sees them. Current marketers are picking the good social media or SEO agency in order to grab traffic via the social media marketing channels.

Link Building on Other Publishing Sites

Link Building is one of the most crucial marketing trends in today’s era. In order to obtain the good page rankings, marketers are adopting the quality SEO agency because this can be done if you are running your own blog. Using the blogging process, your web links can be published on the contributor’s sites. A user or potential buyer can read these links anytime and this will ameliorate your web page rankings and build more attention to your services or brand.

Landing pages also work well for tracking the visitors’ engagement and to generate leads to increase the monetary benefit. That’s why the importance of SEO or web development company is increasing day by day. So, hire any SEO and web development company as soon as possible for instant marketing results.

Thus, the landing pages of your website are the crucial part of your blog in order to attract the visitors. Basically, landing pages are promoted on your blog, social sites, and other publishing online areas that are decided by your digital marketing service provider. For grabbing more business income via your product or service, it is highly recommended siphoning the landing pages marketing technique. So, for a great and result oriented services you can hire “DigitalSeed” a  digital marketing company in Pune that honestly provides the digital marketing solutions as per your business necessities.

How Can Facebook Marketing Boost Your Business?

In an era where everything has become online, you can’t afford to restrict your business channels only to print, television, and radio. With an outburst of social media channels, e-commerce platforms, online advertising, and promotions; you can take your business, beyond its zenith and enjoy sweet fruits of your effort in the online sector.

Of all the virtual mediums, Facebook is the most vibrant and live platform that can take your business anywhere and anytime. Here are some of the best ways to utilise Facebook and increase your trade and commerce:

facebook marketing

#1 Instant Engagement

With more than 60% of world’s population in the biggest social networking site, you can reach to a maximum number of people, at any given time. Not only will people see your business, but also can connect through your posts, like them, post comments and finally engage in an active manner. However, to achieve this, your posts should be creative enough to draw consistent attention from your targets. With proper know-how, finesse, and excellent communication; you can bring more audience towards your offerings. Facebook provides you with an opportunity to build a good rapport with your customers and prospects, develop leads, and enhance trust.

#2 Showcase Your Brands

Wherever your business might be, you can show off your products and services to the entire world. With effective communication and call-to-action message; you can drive curiosity in visitor’s minds. They might not access your product or service; however, they shall remember your “brand” name, which gradually increases your brand value across the globe. Depending on what you offer, and where your business operates; you can also redirect your product links to various e-commerce platforms and facilitate online purchases. By doing so, you can create a buzz among your potential customers, which will drastically increase your sales.

#3 Run a Campaign

Contests can campaign pay off well on Facebook. You can get a large number of fans and visitors to the Facebook page of your business, and bring a large crowd of online audience. As you get a lot of participants, you also go beyond boundaries, make people aware of your business, and drive more excitement and craze. Free offers, discount coupons, interesting quizzes, and games are some of the most effective ways, to conduct Facebook campaigns.

#4 Allow people to Contact Directly

Through your Facebook posts, you invite people to reach you. It can be a message, comment, an email, or a phone call; through which your targets and prospects can initiate conversation, and later become loyal customers of your brands. If you do excessively well, you might get some blind followers. Through Facebook, you can keep your contact channels open and active 24*7.

Worried about execution of all Facebook Marketing Strategies? We at Digitalseed – Digital Marketing Company provide complete Facebook Marketing Services to our clients across India. Facebook Marketing Company like ours can help you not even in strategizing plans but also in execution to boost your online sales.

Social Media Trends that will Impact Your Campaigns!

Social media has taken a shape in the present market world and continuously increasing with enhanced features. Business owners who are willing to get their brand promoted among the targeted individuals are adopting the social media trends and marketing techniques under the guidance of any digital marketing company.

In the recent years, social media has emerged as one of the most powerful tools of online marketing that is certainly used to boost the web or landing pages traffic. Well, the present marketplace is loaded with various stockpiles and giving a specific brand image is not as easy as it was in early years. Hence, Social media is such a boosting factor that impacts your overall business project or brand. A quality digital marketing agency can help you out to implement these newborn trends of social media marketing in your marketing campaign.

Now, we are going to elaborate the 4 social media trends that will impact your next campaign:

The Voice of Silent Video:

The video is the new image of marketing. If you are driving your marketing campaign then, certainly you may have noticed this trend. Facebook and twitter are featuring videos more prominently. Previously business individuals are limited to the text or images but now social media trends are expanding its legs in the present competitive world.

The research says that most of the videos are being watched in a silent mode and yet they raise their voice and attract your targeted customers. Basically, these videos are prepared with explaining and featured text so as the social media users can easily access it even at the public place or in the loud environment.

social media trends

The Rising Network for Business – Social Media Trends

When it comes to social media trends, people probably recall Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter as per the business requisition. Some business individual also uses YouTube, Google+, and Pinterest depending on the business. However, the year 2016 has come with some other social media networks such as Instagram and Snapchat that are being used by the distinct business purposes and establishing a great brand image.

These networks are helpful to introduce your business in a distinct way and to connect the world in a quick time frame. People are using these newbie networks to find more users and share their contents as well as promotional videos. Thus, if you also want to adopt this newbie change in the current marketing environment then, just hire a good digital marketing company and enable your business for this latest trend.

Facebook Canvas Ads

Today’s marketers are finding the new ways to engage with more and more customers and clients hence, Facebook Canvas Ads are getting adopted by the smart business individuals in order to demonstrate their business ads at the top results of the search. Any SEO company can do this marketing activity for you in a better way by creating the eye-catchy ads to be viewed on Facebook platform. So, hire any digital marketing or SEO agency and boost this way of placing the social ads on Facebook.

Social commerce

There is no secret that social platforms are competing for your huge amount, but the new trend is emerging with a peer to peer payment method. For instance, the Facebook store is really being siphoned by the marketer so as they can sell and buy their requirement. Not merely the Facebook rolled out the market even the Snapchat is also walking to the footprint of Facebook. Snapchat introduced the Snapcash for online purchases through the advertisements.

Thus, adopt the social platforms as per your business necessities via any social media or digital marketing agency. “DigitalSeed” is the one stop solution for all your digital marketing campaigns and web development solutions. This digital marketing company in Pune, Mumbai, and Bangalore serves the best marketing campaign to your product or services.

How Mobile Marketing Can Boost Your Business Revenue!

In today’s world, it’s really hard to survive without the mobiles because people are becoming addicted to mobile phones. No matter whether they want to carry out their professional work or personal amusement, every moment mobile takes part in their lives. Hence, it becomes imperative to the business industries to siphon the digital marketing company for better mobile marketing solutions.

From the last few years, the trend of mobile marketing is continuously increasing and giving a better business growth to the marketers. It is easy to engage with the clients or buyers over the mobile devices because people stay online every time via the smart phones and this is the reason why the start-ups are getting the mobile application developed via the digital marketing agency.

mobile marketing

There are various reasons that how the mobile marketing can improve your business image and boost your business revenue. So, let’s have a look on those factors:

Cost Efficiency: Mobile Marketing is such a strong idea especially to the small organizations those who have a limited budget for a marketing campaign. Well, most of the business individuals are facing the same issue but here is good news for them that they don’t necessitate to spend the big amount during their online marketing campaign.

For small business marketers, mobile marketing is an affordable way of advertising their products and services. A quality digital marketing company can serve this service in order to build your brand fame and boost the loyalty.

Efficacy: See, most of the users delete the SMS or other emails even without reading it but when the notifications come on their mobile phones they gets redirected to your mobile application and once they open your mobile app there is a high possibility of buying decision. You just need to hire the superior mobile application development or SEO Company for better brand image and business enlargement.

Help to Outreach your Customers: Every business individual or marketer want to outreach the specific group of consumers or customers to gain from the marketing campaign and mobile marketing is one of the best effective marketing strategies as per the current business market trend. Mobile marketing helps you out to build the real client database because merely those users will allow you send promotional SMS’s or notifications who are interested in your brand or services. So, it can be said that mobile marketing is the way to outreach more potential customers.

Immediate Effect & Result: Usually, every marketing campaign takes it own time to demonstrate the results. Mobile marketing gives instant effect and delivers the immediate result. Mobile marketing is not bounded with time. People love to check their messages or notifications on their smart phones as soon as possible. For instance, if the user is gets busy at the moment you send the notification then, certainly, he/she will read your message and check your notification later whenever he or she gets free. Mobile marketing campaigns are easy to create and use and messages are delivered within seconds to the recipients.

Establish a strong relationship with your customers: Siphoning the digital marketing agency for mobile marketing allows you to reach your buyers at any time, any place within a short time period. You can create a strong bond with your customers by creating special deals, new product information, discounts & sales etc. that can make your customers feel special. A marketer can more likely get a response to their marketing campaign because customers appreciate your special treatment and this creates a strong relationship between the marketer and the customer.

So, consider the mobile marketing campaign in order to drive your business on a precise track and to generate higher revenue by grabbing more and more clients or buyers via the mobile devices. All you need to hire the good Digital marketing or SEO agency. “DigitalSeed” a digital marketing company in Pune eternally ready to provide you the result oriented solutions towards your mobile marketing campaign.

How To Enlarge Your Horizon in Digital Marketing By SEO Techniques

With the technical revolution, various changes have taken place with various new inventions and researched methodologies in IT marketplace where giving a specific image to any brand or services has become obligatory because current era is an emulative era. Hence, until you promote your brand by SEO Techniques you may not get the desired consequence.

In the recent times, the working activities in each sector have been evolving in a digital format. Due to the increasing factor of the internet revolution, the overall workflow has been under the ambit of the virtual world. The internet world is now controlling the overall demographics of various sectors. From food industry to manufacturing units, everything is taking recourse of online marketing or digital marketing.

seo techniques

In short, we can say that the current commercial world is dependent on the digital marketing because of its faster way of promoting any brand or launching a new service. Digital marketing is such a smooth process of enabling your brand for emergence in the competitive commercial places. People who want to elevate their business in a speedy way are hiring the digital marketing company for a one stop solution.

The main factor of digital marketing that comes ahead is SEO Techniques which is referred to the search engine optimization. SEO Techniques are fundamental requirements of any business organization because people search each and everything via the internet and they utilize the resulted information in the form of buying any product or hiring any service. The Internet is such a magic world that creates a path for the targeted buyers.

SEO is a process that works on a major level in every scale of industry whether small, medium or big. Some other benefits of SEO in digital marketing will be highlighted down:

Increase Traffic: When your business pages appear on the top page of the search engine then, it gives a productive result indeed for the business organization. People search anything with the use of some keywords and SEO makes your site visible on the behalf of typed keywords by the targeted audience. SEO is extremely a process that works well both for the company as well as the targeted audience.

ROI: Hiring an SEO agency can assist you to gain the good return on investment. SEO takes it own time to enhance your web page ranking but when it start giving the output, you may have not been imagined the ROI what you get indeed. Hence, no business can be well-turned without adopting the digital marketing company and its SEO Techniques.

Cost Effectiveness: This is the mere investment in digital marketing that help the business individuals to outreach their potential clients not only in the local market even across the global market. The traditional ways of making calls or messaging in the terms of advertisement have gone far that are used to be costly and the SEO has taken the place of these traditional methods.

Brand Awareness: Well, no one gets vigilant about your business products and services until you demonstrate it in front your targeted audience. A well-trained team of a digital marketing company optimize your site and prepare your brand to be rendered for the digital world. It is such a most crucial element for any business production. Search engine optimization crafts a brand image for your business organization and renders your products and services in the internet world.

SEO acts as an engine of the digital marketing process, no business can be driven without the help of the Digital marketing agency. So, give a big lope to your brand image and turn your business at the level to earn more and more profit. For better online marketing services you can hire our Pune based web development and digital marketing agency “DigitalSeed” that eagerly ready to serve the best image to your brand.

How Online Marketing Is A New Business Arena!

The marketing process is actually quite easy and simple but the execution is extremely a tough task. A market is filled with lots of homogenous products or services and it is very difficult to position a newborn product of any company in the buyers’ mind. So, current marketers have got the novice solution that is promoting their brand via the assistance of online marketing company.

online marketing

Digital marketing or online marketing is the modern version of marketing. Well, this process of marketing is very lucrative for all kind of industries including FMCG, Retail, Tourism, Hospitality, Education, and Medical etc.

Several industries are taking the advantages of digital marketing and positioning their brand or services in the eyes of targeted buyers or customers. This is such a powerful marketing process as one cannot deny its advantages in terms of gaining the monetary benefit in a pinpoint time frame. So, don’t avoid the benefits of digital marketing just adopt online marketing agency if you really want to obtain the positive business results and to see your brand on the top stairs in the current marketplace.

Here are the reasons that explain how digital marketing is a new business arena:

Convenience: Digital Marketing confers the great convenience to both the seller and the buyer while selling and buying goods because there is no fix or distinct time of buying things as the doors of digital marketing company remains open 24/7 in order to serve the better digital marketing services so as you can engage with your customer anytime and can provide the requisite services.

Reach: The reach in digital marketing is a giant extravaganza. For instance, a small scale organization operating in a small town can operate and drive their business all over the world. A Digital marketing or SEO agency can create your reach in every corner of the global market space. One cannot measure that how the digital marketing can lead your product to the local as well as global customers’ hands.

Cost: A digital marketing agency doesn’t chart a huge amount. The cost of online marketing services eternally comes in the budget and can be easily spent by the company. Usually, the orthodox marketing ways used to ask for enough money and give fewer results but the advanced technology discovers the new way of marketing that renders the best output with less costs. Do you know online marketing delivers the results more than your expectation and this is merely the marketing investment that gives you maximum results rather than other marketing investments?

Personalization: Online marketing provides such a way of personalization for the business organizations. It also crafts a profile for the buyers and even records the buying history with other vital details. Siphoning the digital marketing or SEO agency for your product and services can be a proven deal for business evolution

Social: This distinct form of marketing also engages the buyers on social media sites. It has been researched and observed that people who use social media are the perspective buyers or clients for digital marketing because current users demonstrate their trust on the online advertisements while browsing something or using social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ etc.

Thus, the above reasons describe that how the digital marketing is a booming factor of the business industries and how the digital marketing technology is becoming a part of each and every business whether small, medium or major one in order to achieve company goals. So, allow your business for further business progress by hiring the digital marketing or web development company. “DigitalSeed” is the digital marketing and web development company in Pune that delivers the superior digital marketing as well as web design & web development services with quality assurance.

The Role of Digital Marketing for Business in Today’s World

Today, the people reside online for several hours whether for personal use or for professional work, this is the preferred way of communication for them. Various industries such as IT & Software, Retail, Real Estate, Automotive, and Manufacturing etc. vitally taking the recourse of internet in order to connect with the buyers and to create a massy buyer relationship and in this regard they are adopting the superior digital marketing for business marketing, branding and to procreate the business output.

Digital Marketing for business is the mere path for individuals in order to capture the market as per their brand or business necessity because current tech-savvy world stays online and digital marketing helps you out to redirect the targeted online individuals to your business website.

digital marketing for business

Most of the business individuals think that having an online web space is just enough to their business but they are forgetting that only those people who have given a visiting or business card will be able to visit your website. So, hire a quality digital marketing or SEO agency to evolve the visitors for better business results.

Now, let’s take a tour about the roles of digital marketing for business and how it affects overall result of yours:

Role of Digital Marketing

Promote Your Brand: Digital Marketing for business tells the world about your product or services and crafts a peerless and expected image as well so as your targeted world can be vigilant about your production or services. People can merely know your brand or services if you adopt the digital marketing campaign for your business or brand because there are several marketers in the available marketplace that are serving the quality services. So, you need to compete in the market by promoting your brand and this can be done through the bonzer digital marketing agency.

Build Customer Relationship: Until you achieve the esteemed buyers or clients, you cannot surmount your business so, you must know your target audience and then must follow the required steps to go ahead and grab the attention of targeted buyers towards your brand or product so, digital marketing campaign truly plays a crucial role especially in small and medium businesses by creating a strong bridge between the brand and buyers.

Increase Sales: This is the way of increasing sales by generating leads, a digital marketing company can do it in well form with the use of versatile tools of online marketing. Well, gone are the days when people used to increase sales via the offline marketing, the current audience at major level can be found online, that’s why digital marketing plays a vital role in increasing sales and evolve the business as per your intended objective.

Delivers Fast Results: When it comes to business results, digital marketing delivers the fast results rather than other marketing investments. If you invest in offline marketing such as billboards, roadside hoardings, airport advertising etc. then, it may cost you but may not give you the desired result because here you will find the limited audience but through the digital marketing, you can grab the overall targeted audience because not every online user focus on the billboards or may able to read the airport ads. Thus, it gives fast result in a short time span by hiring any superior SEO agency.

Thus, Digital marketing is a versatile tool indeed for the businesses to enlarge, achieve and skyrocket the business. As a digital marketing company, “DigitalSeed” take responsibility for your digital initiatives as per your need. We work on the behalf of your business activities by understanding your product, brand or services thereafter we strategize, research and plan, source the requisite expertise and eventually implement it in your business to outreach your potential buyers and to obtain the marketing goals.