10 Most Interesting Digital Marketing Trends for Entrepreneurs


Surviving in today’s business world is definitely not a cakewalk. You need to be different and make it unique every day. At the same time, you must pay attention to your digital existence. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, for your knowledge, here are top 10 trends in the digital marketing segment.

1. Active Presence in Multiple Digital Platforms

Realizing the inherent value of digital forums, businessmen are no longer restricted to a single platform. They are present everywhere to follow their target audience, make new connections and hammer the brand names into the minds of consumers. Every second they are wither posting, tweeting or sharing videos only to draw the kind attention of the audience.

2.Writing Evergreen Content

Useful tips, important guides and best practices come under the domain of evergreen content. Such information never become outdated and people keep following them to stay updated. The smartest entrepreneurs further edit the content and display latest information for the readers.

3.More Investment in Chatbots

Consumers simply love to get attended by anyone, be it human or robots. The moment they visit a site and are greeted by chatbots asking for their requirements, people fall in love with this system. They keep coming back and develop a good impression about the brand/organisation. They also spread positive word-of-mouth among relatives, friends and acquaintances.

4.Enhanced Focus on Invisible ROI

Business heads are more interested in creating brand awareness than making money. Although it takes time, effort and money; branding lasts the longest. A good impression about brands compels consumers to purchase the products immediately without thinking further. While some businessmen run after money, the smarter ones run after their customers- and that’s more profitable in the long-run.

5.Generation Z

Marketers of high-end brands have already started researching about the audience born between 1995 and 2012. They feel that this generation is actually made for a digital life. Calling them ‘netizens’ and not citizens, they are trying to identify their lifestyle, psychology and purchasing tendency. Time calls for doing the same thing for your business.

6.Mobile-First Concept

Be it shopping or studying, modern consumers prefer using their mobiles over other gadgets. To tap on them, organisations are now stressing on ‘mobile first’ concept. From apps to websites, they are making everything according to mobile phones and similar devices.

7.Influencer Marketing

Instead of spending huge on mass people, cleaver brand managers are only talking to leaders who in turn will inspire other people to go with a particular brand. When commoners hear something from an inspiring personality, they take all suggestions quite seriously and even implement it. The formula is simple- Spend on one, get many.

8.Virtual Reality

An interesting trend which has taken the entire world by storm is the concept of virtual reality. By displaying a real view of experience, well-known brands are making it big in their consumer minds. It works excellent for sectors like resorts and hotels, hospitals and real estate.

9.Voice Searches

Why take the pain of typing when you can actually say things and get solutions? Such is the concept of voice search and the smart companies have already started making content apt for such a digital attitude. You too must take the searches seriously.

10.Real-time Videos

Be it Fcaebook or YouTube, nothing is as great as sharing live moments through videos. When customers see you real-time they become more interested and excited and also feel that they are a part of that enjoyment.

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Important Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Statistics to Lookout For

Digital marketing

Asia Pacific region refers to all counties located in East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Oceania. While the Asian countries are still in the developing stage, those in Oceania are considered developed. However, there’s one common thing that binds every individual of these regions, i.e. Internet. Each passing day witnesses more number of people opening online accounts, developing social media platforms and making optimum utilization of virtual communication in their daily life. From shopping to surfing, people belonging to these areas are increasingly becoming dependent on digital platforms. They may be sleeping but their gadgets are always active.

So do you have any idea about the digital marketing statistics of Asia Pacific? Let’s have a quick look at the September stats:

Artificial Intelligence- Still at Bay

AI is a new topic for the entire world. From Madagascar to Europe, everyone seems to be fascinated by this term. Lay men talk about it; the programmers try hard to make it. There have been a few achievements as well in the form of robots. A report named ‘Artificial Intelligence in Asia: Trust, understanding and the opportunity to re-skill’ however throws a sad picture of AI over the Asia Pacific.

Of all people surveyed, 53% still believe that humans are more trustworthy than robots. Most Asians only have faith on content recommendation engines compared to humans. 1 in 3 Asian nations are completely unaware about AI. Forget AI, people in these countries are even worried about their present digital accounts. In fact, they are eager to know about data security and are deeply concerned about data leakage. No wonder they still prefer sticking to their e-devices, such doubts and queries remain in their minds.

Australia’s Increasing Ad Spends & Decreasing Good Experience with Online Marketing

September has been both good and bad for Australia. Going by the ‘IAB/PwC Online Advertising Expenditure Report’, digital spends has climbed up to 11% in the present year-ending June 2018. Businesses have spent $3.1 billion on general online display, $3.7 billion on search and directories, $3.6 billion on mobile, $1.6 billion on classifieds and $1.7 billion on video ads.

Despite such huge expenses, 60% of Australian marketers are not satisfied by digital marketing. Their experience is rather worsening day by day. This means that although people possess interest in digital media and businesses are willing to spend for these people; yet the digital marketers aren’t skilled enough to meet the mutual goals. Little more training can perhaps get them on track.

Any Digital Society?

Yes and it is China. With technology continuing to rule 60% Chinese brands, people have started imagining their digital society. They are extremely positive about this concept and are holding their breath to release into the digital world. According to Digital Social Index 2018, 73% Chinese opine that a digital society will create space for jobs and economical growth besides addressing conventional societal challenges.

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Adwords: Top 5 Reasons to Invest Here!!


Google really deserves lot of credit for coming up with a unique concept of advertising, i.e. Adwords. As a paid service, it guarantees quicker ROIs to the advertisers. At the same time, businesses can customize the entire ad plan.

At first, they need to select specific keywords, choose the amount of expenditure and make proper groupings of these keywords and finally pair them with ads. In this way, organisations can enhance their exposure to both current and potential customers.

Google’s Keyword Tool serves as a second blessing in this context. Using this, managers can track prospective customers at real-time.

Besides such extraordinary features, here are 5 more reasons for putting your money behind Adwords:

  1. Reach the right buyer at the right time

In online platforms, you must show up the moment someone asks for you or something related to you. And if you don’t, you actually don’t exist for that particular buyer. With Google’s Adwords, you can ensure that the ad message is viewed by the most appropriate consumer/(s) at the perfect time. Therefore, the moment people see your ad, you immediately convert the lead into customer. Here, conversion happens in the blink of an eye.

  1. In-built ROI Tracking Module

This excellently built module enables you to peep into your investments and respective returns over a period of time. Thus, you come to know if your ad campaign is relevant to user searches and if at all relevant, then what is the user response. This gives you a complete idea about the ad performance, based on which you can make changes in your Adwords.

  1. More Space in the Search Results Pages

Today, more than 80% of search results owe their placements to Adwords. Good news is that all these results appear in 85% of the above the fold space in the search engine result pages. No wonder Google charges you a handsome amount for this service, but you cannot deny its benefits. In fact, the value of Adwords is more than what you spend.

  1. No Minimum Investment

The best part about Adwords is that there is no requirement for minimum investment. You can place ads according to your budget, no matter the size of your company. You therefore get an opportunity to level up your playing field and take the risk of competing with big players of your business. Is there anything greater than this?

  1. Improved Website Performance   

Soon after you start spending in Adwords, your website becomes more active. It happens it two ways- one, when you’re spending for ads, you’ll definitely not want to lose your customer at the last moment (when they visit your website and it does not attract them equally).
And two, you receive continuous traffic to split test the website copy and layout until you find the best combination. And once you find it out, you’ll definitely want to use it across the website to improve conversion rates.

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How to Become Digitally Stronger in the Indian Education Sector?

modern educaion

The Indian education sector currently stands at US$ 91.7 billion and is expected to be US$ 101.1 billion in the next financial year. The primary targets for this business are infants, children, teens and young adults; together which forms 30% of the Indian population. Such a big market provides numerous opportunities to those who wish to tap this audience group and combine quality education with higher income.
And there lies a small twist in this exercise. Unlike other sectors where businesses directly talk to the consumers, here the institutions actually need to communicate with the parents of the wards who are the end-users of educational service. Hence, in order to reach out to new-age parents and smart-era children; schools, colleges and other institutions must take the following steps for enhanced digital presence.

1. A Website

Creating a simple yet attractive website is the first step to enhance digital branding in the sphere of education. The website must be made responsive, which means it must easily fit within multiple screen sizes. As most parents have the habit of browsing sites online, they must feel comfortable while viewing the site. Besides this, the website must be easily accessible and full of relevant content- no essays, only short, crisp and to-the-point messages. One or two videos in the home page are suggested for best website performance.

2. Consistent SEO

The next step is to start Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so that the website shows up in the search engine results page of the users. With time, it must feature right in the first page to get maximum importance from the visitor. Where website is a one-time effort, SEO demands consistency in order to improve website ranks at a steady pace. If done correctly with proper keywords, it can yield uncountable leads for a particular website.

3. Internet Marketing

Similar to conventional advertising, this too includes a wide gamut of services- Pay per click (PPC), Social Media Marketing, Online Display Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Google Ad-words and many more. For maximum response, institutions must start planning their digital marketing techniques while developing website. So, by the time the site gets done, marketers are ready for action. And those who shall walk with this strategy is bound to get most benefited in the short-run.

4. Mobile Apps

Of late, mobile applications have found more prominence than websites. This however does not mean that websites have no value; rather that is the first place to create an impression. To continue impressing parents and kids in different ways, all kinds of institutions must come up with mobile apps. They can use such portals to maintain direct communication with the parents, for example, sharing daily attendance or send homework or send some special notice. It is also a unique way to connect parents, who in turn shall take the pain of word-of-mouth communication to future parents and wards.
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Is Your SEO Destroyed? Blame Website Redesigning

Seo Destroyed

Time and again you have to redesign your website and give it a new shape. It is an obvious practice as you have to keep up with the changing preferences of your audience. However, while redesigning your website, you need to be extra careful as it can severely ruin your SEO. Even a small change in the web content can bring down your site rank and even make it appear in the next page.

Here’s how common website redesigning practices can cost your SEO

  1. Random change of image name on good ranking pages

Usually, most web designers arbitrarily put in new images without making any backend modifications. Resultant, search engines fail to recognize the page with newer texts and they pull down the rank. More often than not, designers give useless image names like image2.jpg instead of the actual product name. Search engines feel that the image has no value and hence the loss of rank.

  1. Changing URLs and deleting pages without redirecting

In many circumstances, web designers boldly delete existing pages and also change the URLs hoping that it won’t affect SEO rank. However, it does. As the URLs get changed and pages are removed, people see a 404 error- a sign which means that the website and/or the page do not exist. The immediate repercussion is that people lose interest in the site and they start forgetting the brand name.

As a good practice, web designers must make a point to redirect all the pages of the existing site to the new site. The older URL should also be linked to the newer URLs respectively. Only then, SEO will remain unhurt.

  1. Failing to perform post-migration full crawl to and from the development environment

In normal migration procedure, a website is bound to develop technical errors. While migrating to or from the development environment, site content may often point towards the wrong page. This will directly ruin SEO and bring down site rank in the SERPs.

By performing full crawling after migration, you can ensure that all the site links, codes, URL and content have been restored. Tools like Screaming Frog and SME rush can help.

  1. Not Performing Complete Functional Check

Most organisations ignore the importance of functional checks while redesigning websites. Things like Google Analytics, Contact forms, Interactive tools and modules, Search capabilities, Tracking pixels, etc not given due importance. As a fallout, things don’t work properly in the new site and it starts losing its image.

  1. Non-reconfiguration of WordPress and Plugins after live server migration

After successfully redesigning websites, most designers forget to reconfigure WordPress and Plugins. The fact that they have to uncheck the box in Yoast SEO entirely goes out of their mind. This is a blunder as it prevents all search engines from crawling the site. In a short period of time, site starts losing its rank.

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Strategic Ways to Grow Real Estate Business Digitally

real estate

Real estate is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. As of 2015, real estate business accounted for US$ 126 billion and is expected to be US$ 180 billion by 2020 (Joint report by CREDAI and JILL). Increasing demand for houses, quick development of city outskirts and influence of modern lifestyle are some of the reasons behind the massive growth of this industry.

As a real estate businessman, you must always look for the best customers for your properties. Considering today’s tech-savvy audience and a plethora of digital platforms, what can be a better way to connect with them? Using the best combination of digital media, here’s how you can create a positive impression.

  1. Dynamic & User-Friendly Website

In present digital world, you cannot survive without a website. While developing one, make sure it is trendy, easy to navigate, has quick loading time and fits in all screen sizes. And if you already have one, make proper use of it to generate leads. Ensure that your web content boosts website ranks in search engine pages. Also pay heed to the overall look n feel. Outdated websites are of no use today. As you are in the real estate sector, a 360° virtual tour right on the home page is another must-have feature.

  1. Continuous SEO

After developing a good website, you must concentrate your resources on Search Engine Optimisation. A single moment of laziness can cost you those hard-earned higher ranks. So make sure that your SEO is consistent and fit with proper keywords relevant to your website and your target audience. Choose only those keywords which can actually do wonders for your business.

  1. Social Media Marketing

People may be idle in their personal lives but their eyes are wide awake in social media platforms. Seizing this kind of a lifestyle, you can target your audience through their social media accounts. For this, you need to have dedicated pages for your properties in all portals- Facebook, Twitter, etc and keep posting and tweeting to arrest the attention of your potential customers. It is also the best place to create interest and identify your leads, if not customers.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Another significant way to grow real estate in the digital space is by joining hands with affiliates. As a result of affiliate marketing, people who view your website get to see you in other digital sites and platforms. In fact, you start following them here and there. And in this manner you start occupying good mind share, which gradually takes them closer to you.

  1. Connect Traditional Advertising with Digital Platforms

You’ve obviously invested a lot on conventional advertising say through newspaper ads or signboards, etc. Make use of these medium and incorporate all your digital connections within the ad space. When people see you in the air or in the paper, they can immediately connect with you digitally. And those who shall connect with you in this mechanism are most interested to deal with properties. Hence, by integrating conventional ads with digital platforms you get the most appropriate customers without spending extra.

Doing all these is however not as easy as it sounds. For best results, you must hire the best expertise. From website to internet marketing, we will take all possible measures to connect you with the best group of customers.

Smarter Ways to Improve SEO

Seo Improvement

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the growth engine of your digital presence. One day without it and your website is bound to lose its rank. By putting consistent SEO efforts, slowly and gradually you can enjoy the sweet fruits of your hard labour. However, while continuing to boost rankings, you must be on the toes, looking for smarter ways to improve SEO and bring more traffic in a short span of time.

Here are 4 best proven tactics to enhance the spirit of your SEO team:

  1. Relevant Content and Proper Keywords

At first, ensure that every word in your website holds relevancy to your business as well as the target audience. If it does not fit to your operations or your customers don’t like it, you’ll never receive any positive result.

Besides proper content, you must focus on the right set of keywords. And you have full liberty to work with any of its kinds. It is not always necessary to settle with short keywords as long-trail keywords are equally rather more beneficial. The former generates more traffic, most of which don’t turn into leads. As with the latter, you get lesser traffic and increase your conversion rate. For best results, you must work with both sets at different times.

While working on your SEO, never fit the keywords forcefully. Firstly, it does not appeal to any audience and secondly, instead of going up your site will move downwards.

  1. Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

Your title tags should be short, crisp and catchy. It must arrest the attention of your readers and excite them. People must feel enthusiastic while reading the content. You may run a pipes and fittings business but even your B2B clients must feel interested by virtue of your title tags. For best response, keep it between 50 to 60 characters.

After title tags, you must pay heed to Meta descriptions. As you also know, these are the one or two-liner content which throws a little light on the topic right in the search engine results page (SERP). The Meta description is the last stage to impress upon your audience before they move to the targeted page. You may also include the most appropriate keywords in the description content. This will ensure better response besides improving the site rank.

  1. Adopt Link Building

Your website must feature both internal and external links. Internal links like Contact Us, Download, etc. in the home page gives you an added advantage. People can easily move around the site and get desired information effortlessly. External links are those through which you take your audience to some other domain. For example, if your brand has four different sites for four different products, customers can move to the particular domain by clicking on the relevant link in the home page. The redirection needs to be faster than the blink-of-an-eye.

  1. Regular Content Update

Every day you are either writing a press release or producing something new or releasing your investor relation document. All kinds of such information must be updated on the same day as they take place. It must also reflect in your SEO content.

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Brand Perception: How Social Media Influences It?

social media influences

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is one of the key marketing activities undertaken in the digital platforms. Today’s new-age audience spent hours after hours in their social media accounts. And every second they love to switch from one portal to another. From Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn to Instagram, common people find peace in multiple existences. Hence, to tap on such consumers, businesses also occupy substantial space in these forums.

At every second, they are posting pictures, creating discussion forums, inviting audiences to some event, tweeting live pictures, sharing videos, etc. All of these aim at creating brand awareness. The social media managers encourage more brand-centric discussions and try to track what’s going in the minds of the audience. Besides photos and videos, they also share teasers to see how the target group responds.

When it comes to brand building, the very first step is creating a brand perception. The way one person feel about a particular brand may differ from others. Social media marketers take the real pain of influencing opinions and ask people to talk about brands. They don’t care if people speak in favour or against their brand, but ensure that the particular brand is the talk of the town. This means consumers, in general, are aware about the brand’s existence.

While spreading brand awareness, social media managers conduct multiple campaigns on these platforms. At times, they run the same campaign in different portals and try to sync it. This has an obvious effect on the audience. Wherever they go, they see the brand, get inspired and finally fall for it.

Another unique aspect of social media is the USP of every platform. Where YouTube is excellent for sharing videos, Twitter calls for short and crisp tweets. Facebook is an all-inclusive place where digital marketers need to do some good research to know at what time they must post so that they are viewed by their desired audience. All such plus minus calculations across the social media platforms takes a brand to its zenith, or even beyond.

In SMM, consumers have an equal share like that of the marketers. If people like something they too share it in their account. This share is further viewed by others in their list. In this way, the sharing chain goes on. Perhaps, this is the real magic of social media. Simultaneously, people also post comments, which further give rise to more conversations. Therefore, in just one second, audience comes closer to the brand; thereby giving it a strong boost.

SMM is a continuous activity, which is why; most large-scale organisations maintain a specialised social media management team. The managers work 24*7 with the hope of spreading brand name and developing strong and positive perception among the public.

The SMM department of Digital Seed is truly commendable. Working round-the-clock for 365 days, our professionals ensure maximum outreach in all social forums. Visit social media marketing services. Share your requirements and we shall come up with a full-proof SMM plan for your brand.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Invest in Local SEO in 2018

Top 5 Reasons You Should Invest in Local SEO in 2018

While 2018 is about to progress towards its end, you can still use its remaining months to increase business profits. How? The answer lies in localising your SEO efforts. All this time you have been concentrating on the global arena with the hope to create international appeal. Amidst such attempts, you have actually forgotten those people who reside within your vicinity and are ready to spend a handsome amount against your products and services. Hence, for maximum business returns, it is time you shift towards Local SEO. And here’s why you must do it:

  1. Tapping Local Consumers is Easy & Simple

People in your area may hardly know about the brand image and quality of your product. With Local SEO, the moment they spot you, you will be their favourite. According to a research, consumers are unwilling to travel for more than 15minutes for making any purchase. Imagine when they will connect with your products and use them how it will pull up your sales figures besides giving you a handful of lifetime loyal customers.

  1. Less Investment, More Achievement

Local SEO hardly pinches your pocket. It is extremely economic and affordable. Even if 5 people come to your store, at least 4 of them will end up choosing your product over others. This means you spend less and earn more. This further reduces your costs and guarantees higher ROI, which you will never get in wider geographies.

  1. Lesser Local Competition

How many brands actually perform Local SEO? Or how may at least know about this term? Surprisingly there aren’t many in the list and most sellers are not even interested in local appeal. Here, you have a golden opportunity and who knows you may be the only player in the region to grab customers. With comparatively lesser competition, you can actually look forward to a level-playing field through Local SEO.

  1. Respond to Voice Searches

With the advent of Siri, Alexa and Virtual Assistant; customers have got into more talking than typing. In such a situation, your business can skyrocket from those few local customers only if you get certain things correct. Firstly, your SEO content must be enriched with sellable content appropriate for your brand. Secondly, you must focus on mobile friendly customers as all voice searches are made through personal devices. Thirdly, your content must fit within the screen of every user. Add some other thumb rules like user-friendly pages, quick accessibility and faster loading.

  1. Your Competitors are also doing it

Yes, you read it correct. Right under the carpet, they too are focusing on localised SEO for better results. Their international presence may not give them what they receive from Local SEO efforts. In fact, the entire world and even Google recommends opting for regional SEO to maximise page ranks and get more business in less time.

Now that you are aware about the quick benefits of Local SEO, don’t waste any more time. Accumulate all resources and take a positive step in the world of Search Engine Optimization.

How Brands can Optimize SEO with Google’s Evolving Algorithm?

how brands can optimize SEO as per google's algorithm

The best part about digital marketing is the pace at which things keep changing. All credits to technological innovations and software updates for such rapid changes. Of late, the concept of ‘voice searches’ has spread like wildfire. It has remarkably taken online marketing to its next level. Now, people prefer using their own voice over their hands for fetching any information. And to perfectly address their queries, new-age digital communication systems are doing revolutions. Alexa from Amazon, Siri from the iconic brand Apple and our very own Virtual Assistant of Google are few examples.

These changing algorithms especially in Google are a clarion call for marketers to change their approach towards SEO optimization. In order to captivate the tech-savvy digital consumers, businesses need to channelize their efforts towards voice searches and focus more on mobile. Here’s how they can do it:

Voice Search Optimization

Gone are the days when customers would even take the pain of typing their needs, choosing from the available options and finally settle with their desired choice. Thanks to Google’s Virtual Assistant, today they only use their voice for fulfilling any requirement. They ask something and the Assistant delivers the best possible solutions right on their screen. Seizing this golden opportunity, businesses can create content that will not only respond to the queries but directly bring consumers into the online point-of-sale. This can be the product page or the website itself or a direct link to the payment gateway to purchase the commodity. In short, content has to be optimized for SEO in such a manner that will smoothly take the customer soon after the question has been asked.

‘Mobile First’ Approach

It is very obvious that most voice searches will be made from mobile. Well, how many of us actually speak to our desktop or computer? So, while designing content marketers and writers have to think of mobile-centric customers; people who may forget to eat and sleep but will always remain online. Short, crisp and catchy phrases may be with some well-known idioms or famous sayings are all that will be needed for maximum SEO optimization.

Besides the content, webmasters and SEO experts must check that the site pages are easily accessible and customisable across all screen sizes. If not ensured, they will definitely lose some of the valuable assets of their organisation. (Customer=Asset).

Changing Intentions of Guest Posts

It is better not to emphasise on Guest Posting at all. Sad but true, Guest Posting is now on Google’s radar; leaving no scope to achieve back links and enhance SEO rankings. Instead, the search engine giant now recommends putting a ‘no follow’ tag as it immediately prevents Google from counting the link. The only intention of such a policy is to encourage Guest Posts only for information and not for increasing SEO rankings.


That was all about optimizing SEO in the changing world of Google algorithm. However, many more changes are on the cards. Stay tuned!!