Most Talked About Digital Marketing Trends in 2016

With the world going digital, your consumers have probably started thinking digital. However, if you don’t proceed with your digital communication, and surround your consumers as well as loyal with innovative digital marketing tactics; well you lose them. Here are some of the most interesting digital marketing trends that have been driving this year and still continue to do so:

  1. Big Data – Digital Marketing Trends

Marketing is both science and art. Figures obtained from different digital media channels talk about your present scenario, and give you an overall idea about the future. Big data includes all market data like predictive analysis, market insights and consumer interests. By using the numerical information, you can form lots of perceptions about your present online marketing efforts and find the future of your brand.

  1. Content Marketing – Digital Marketing Trends

Your content ultimately makes way for your destiny. With good quality, relevant, up-to-date, and reliable content; you can reach out to people, in large numbers and impress your business values on them. Where credible content will give you good returns, customized content will take you a little further and place your brand, away from the crowd. 56% of online marketers confirm that personalized content targeting different TGs increase engagement rates.

  1. Responsive Design – Digital Marketing Trends

Responsive design is an ideal way to make your site user-friendly for both desktop and mobile-based platforms. Studies confirm that user penetration through mobile Internet has risen to 52.7%, and is sure to go high further, in the coming years- for the simple reason that users browse your sites from their mobiles and are continuously active there.

  1. Mobile Marketing – Digital Marketing Trends

Apart from the responsive design, mobile ads and applications drive your consumers crazy and they remember you. Searching products and services from mobile-based devices is about 62%, which gives you fruitful opportunities to target your customers at their personal cells. In-app development and push messages are some techniques to hit your users through their phones.

  1. SEO – Digital Marketing Trends

This has indeed been the talk of the town in the digital industry, especially with every business implementing SEO as a part of their digital marketing strategy. According to a renowned digital marketing company, local searches take 50% of mobile visitors towards their stores. 30% of mobile searches are related to specific locations, whereas another 28% for searches about products available nearby, result in a purchase. Therefore, it all starts with the search, which means, you have to get good rankings for your brand site.

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How can you use Affiliate Marketing to Achieve Best Results for Your Business?

Affiliate Marketing is a smart way of advertising your brands in affiliate business sites, by paying a commission. It is an excellent marketing opportunity in the digital platform that allows you to place your ad in other sites, and get traffic. Thus, you increase your brand awareness, reach out to more people, and ensure active brand presence in all digital platforms. Affiliate marketing, if done in a tactical way, can give huge business to your brands. Here’s how you can use affiliate marketing in your digital communication:

  • Pay-for-Performance: You only pay, if you achieve your pre-determined targets- which can be click-through rates, revenue or market information. If no results are achieved, you don’t shell out any bucks.
  • Have Fixed Costs:The costs are fixed, and you can specify till what level of action, you pay what amount. At any time, you know your rates, and are aware about costs. It also gives you an additional advantage of keeping your digital marketing budget, within control. You make more effective use of your fixed costs.
  • Enhance SEO Results:Affiliate marketing also lifts up your page ranks. Affiliates use their own skills to enhance your brand’s presence in the online space. Research confirms that 80% of SEO are used in affiliate marketing. Thus, you get the opportunity to get web traffic from two sources- affiliate sites, and SEO rankings.
  • Expand Market: Affiliate marketing comes with low risks, which means you can look forward to expand your market, and reach people, beyond your defined targets.Today, affiliates use 40% of email marketing, 60% of blogging, and another 60% of social networking to expose your brand to newer markets.
  • Enjoy High Conversion Rates: With the help of a digital marketing company, you can convert your potentials into sales. Also, with increasing site access through mobiles, you can witness higher sales, than expected. Studies confirm that less than 10% of affiliates bring more than 90% of traffic, and conversions. More than 30% of your sales, generated from affiliates, come from mobiles. 50% of affiliate-related traffic happens from mobiles and tabs.
  • Customize:Here, you can customize your marketing programs, through affiliate networks, and third party hosting. Marketing experts recommend selecting a network that will cater to all digital services, including creative support. They also suggest brands to leave the site infrastructure to a third part host, however, brands mustset their own payment terms and conditions. This helps to make their site well secured, and credible.

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How can Display Ads Enhance Your Digital Branding?

Display ads on your various websites allow you to deliver your brand message to the site visitors. These ads are usually displayed in your relatable sites, and more on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms, where your audience stay active round-the-clock. In these advertisements, you can display relevant texts, images, flash, video, and audio to grab your audiences’ attention. Display ads are more cost-effective, and exposes your business to multiple sites and channels. Read on to know how these advertisements can increase your brand’s online marketing:

  1. Reach the Right Audience Profile

Display ads allows you to focus on your desired target audience by minutely keying on demographic, geographic, behavior, and psychographic parameters. You can create tailor-made messages, and target niche segments of your audience group. With constant focus and customization, you can achieve relevancy in your message, enhance brand recall and engage the right target profile. Display advertisements help you to increase the in-target rates by about 45%.

  1. Drive Action

Display ads are highly effective and measurable channels through which you can aware your audience, influence them to take a call, and increase your market share. Retargeting and remarketing your ads, even though they aren’t clicked, helps by lifting your brand by about 31%. Studies show that retargeted display ads have the potential of increasing the brand search by more than 1000%, which means more people start searching about your brand, after receiving frequent communication.

  1. High Conversion Rates

With the help of a digital marketing company, you can strategically display your ads in various sites and digital platforms. Display advertisements boost audience responses by 25%, and coverts potentials into targets by 30%. Also, you improve your brand’s recommendations by 10%, which hints at your increasing credibility and standing. You can also compare and evaluate the effectiveness of display ads, and see your conversion data.

  1. Complete Branding

In short, display ads complete the online branding loop. By placing ads in those online places, where your targets and prospects are available, you become visible everywhere, and every time. With this, you strike your audience from all possible ends, and form a complete online branding. Audience might not click your ad every time they see you, however they register your name, and more number of places and more frequently you show up, that too with different messages implying the same communication; your job is done.


How social media marketing will develop your brand?

With Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites attracting more than 90% of teens, about 45% of adults, and 35% of senior citizens worldwide, you must re-think your marketing platforms, and start considering these virtual channels to impress upon your audience. Social media presence will provide a comprehensive benefit by connecting you to your loyal consumers and introducing your brand towards new leads. Also if you wish to create a buzz in the industry, well, social media marketing techniques are the best channels to target. Here’s how you can take the best from social networking sites, and enhance your branding:

  1. Present Your Brand

With the entire world being 24*7 active in their social media networks, you can take this opportunity to build your brand, enhance its reputation, and showcase your business in front of the world. Whether its Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram; you can define your business objectives, update your company’s prospects on a regular basis, post your activities online, and spread awareness of your brand. By working in parallel with all the social sites, you can develop close relationship with your consumers, enhance your bonding, and drive new sales. In short, you can position your business directly in the minds of your targets.

  1. Develop Your Online Community

According to research, an average user has at least 5 social networking sites. Businesses having an active social media presence are far more preferred by their consumers, than those which fail to create social media buzz. Consumers are constantly looking for proactive social media presence, and if you have so, they will fall for your products and services. Online communities help you to connect with your targets emotionally. It helps in limitless branding, and allows you to peep into your consumer’s mind.

  1. Enhance Your Digital Space

Just being confined to a website, SEO, and PPC won’t serve your purpose in online marketing. If you want to stand out, and create a unique space in the digital forums, social media marketing (SMM) is all that you should think of. Studies have proven that interacting in the social media sites, for at least 2-3 times, in a week, significantly increases your brand exposure by about 40%. You develop relationships, and create a personal digital space for your consumers.

  1. Expand Your Sales

Digital marketing company conducts online campaigns, and recommends social media tactics which helps to get more people into your site, and thereby increases chances of sales. You can know about your consumer’s interests and preferences, and drive your efforts towards meeting those specialized needs, which ultimately converts your prospects into loyal customers.

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Importance of SEO in adding value to your brand?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps you to improve your brand’s visibility in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The SEO process puts allsearch engine friendly elements into your site, and allow you to get organic (natural or un-paid) traffic. As a result, you enhance your site’s visibility and add value to your brand.

A successful SEO campaign includes keyword research, on-page optimization, and off-page optimization. Your digital marketing company does keyword research, based on your existing website content, and suggests the most relevant keywords, for best Search Engine Optimization results. Besides this, some other functions like Meta tag implementation;optimizing textual codes, HTML, images, and site links are also taken up by the SEO professionals. Read on to know how Search Engine Optimization efforts can work magic for your brands.


#1 Increased Brand Visibility

People search for their products and services, using different keywords or search terms, and if your website ranks high on every searched keyword, you made it. With different targeted keywords, you can enhance your site’s visibility, show up in every search result, and reach your audience frequently. More the number of times you become visible in the search results page, higher are the chances of registering your brand name. Today, 54% of digital marketersrecommend SEO to their clients.

#2 Enhanced Website Traffic

57% of B2B marketers say that SEO delivers maximum organic traffic. Those dropping into your digital asset, are your qualified leads, which means they are looking for something that you offer. With more SEO efforts, you get to know who your audience are, and what they need. Also, it gives you organic traffic, since those coming into site through your SEO efforts are in genuine need of your brands.

#3 Improves Brand Credibility

High search rankings enhance the brand image in the minds of visitors. As a result, you enhance your brand’s credibility and get more value from your SEO campaigns. Also, if your SEO efforts are in line with your branding and web content, Google boosts your rankings in its search engines, and gives you more recognition among your audience.

#4 Good ROI

SEO is an inbound marketing technique which exposes your business to its customers, at a time, when they are in need of it, or looking for it. Thus, you reach them directly, without occupying space in their favorite newspapers, magazines, TV shows or outdoor. You don’t have to take the pain of starting from the basics, since your Search Engine Optimization effort has done the half job. As you implement Search Engine Optimization, you only need to stand out from your competitors, and make a difference in your brands. Higher ROI awaits you then.

How Web Designing Plays a Pivotal Role in Brand Development?

Web designing is the art of conceptualizing, planning, and creating your website’s look and feel. To make it simple, it is the way of incorporating your website content, which can be images, texts, graphics, animations, or icons, and arranging all these elements of content, in a way to develop a unique brand identity of your site, and of course attract your people. Web designing is the overall architecture of your site, which creates the first impression about your brand, in the minds of your targets.

Website design, look n feel varies according to businesses. A brand that targetskids and teens will have a different design, than a B2B site. Therefore, the kind of business you run, your brand image and your key targets determine your website design. With the right web design, you can develop your brand in the following ways:

web designing

  • Attracts Your Audience

Yes, the very first thing that your website does, is to bring your audience to the site and sustain them for a longer span of time. Irrelevant web designs can snatch away your audience. 94% of online viewers rejected a brand, due to their website. Also, if your website takes more than 3 sec to load, you lose 40% of your potential customers. Be sure to keep bullets and lists, and not paragraphs. 70% of people prefer to look at lists with bullet points whereas a 15% less adjusts without bullet points.

  • Enhances Your Credibility

Web design is another key factor that determines your strength, and credibility. According to research data, 48% of people decide the brand credibility through its web designs. With best web design practices, you can influence purchase decisions, and encourage your potentials to hold your hand.

  • Consistent User Experience

By making a responsive website, you not only make it screen-fit for all digital platforms, but also drive consistent user experience in all these platforms. 67% of people are more likely to fall in love with your site, as well as with your brand, if they can access you from their mobile devices. Digital marketing company designs mobile-friendly sites, and optimizes it, for cross-device functionality.

  • Lead Generation

An attractive web design is a key to generate more leads. When your web designs get good reviews in the online platform, you can capture as much as 72% of new people towards your brand and drive sales.

How does Email Marketing help your Business?

Email Marketing for Lead Generation and Business Growth

A kind of content marketing, email marketing has 53% potential in driving online marketing activities. It is an innovative marketing technique to reach your audience with your brand message. 72% of B2B clients prefer business communication through emails. Amidst fast progress and technological advancements, email marketing provides you an opportunity to have open conversations with your targets and engage them actively. Here’s how:

Benefits of using Email Direct Marketing for your Business:

email marketing

  • Enhanced Brand Recognition

Including your brand’s name, logo, tagline, or simply colors within your email communications, makes your audience familiar to your brand elements. Seeing these elements on a constant basis enhances their brand awareness and they start recognizing your brand, only by its elements. As your customers connect with your brand, they want to see you more. 61% of consumers wish to receive weekly promotional emails whereas a 28% wants such communication on a daily basis.

  • Save Your Business Spends

Designing a customized newsletter template helps to reach your audience, in an environment-friendly as well as cost-friendly way. As you adopt email marketing, you avoid paper and printing costs, which saves about 20% of your overall marketing spends. You save more, yet you achieve your desired reach.

  • Connect with Your Target Market

Digital marketing company implements tactical email marketing, and help to reach your audience, on a constant basis. As a result, you brand enjoys top-of-the-mind share, and you get the first preference, when your consumers are in need of your products and services. Studies confirm that about 42% of customers connect to your brand, through email marketing.

  • Generate Leads

With the right email marketing message, you can generate 40 times more leads, leaving behind social networking sites. 89% of marketers use this channel for generating business leads. By publishing e-newsletters, you can create new opportunities like business partnerships, media interviews, investments, joint ventures and much more.

  • Greater Response & ROI

Email marketing delivers high returns-on-investments. For every $1 that you spend, you can expect an average ROI of about $38. One in five companies, witness 70-to-1 ROI during their email marketing campaigns. Also, email that is relevant to the consumers’ interest, gives 18% more revenues, than other broadcast mails. Segregating email lists increase the click-through rates by 5%.

  • Trust & Credibility

Consistent email marketing imbibes more trust and faith within your brand, and makes your products and services, far more credible, than your competitors. Good quality, valuable and regular emails help you to earn the faith and reliability of your customers, and ease your brand promotion efforts.

What is PPC Marketing (Pay Per Click Advertising) and how can it Boost Your Business?

PPC Marketing

Pay per click advertising (PPC) is an internet marketing model through which you can buy visits to your traffic, instead of earning these visits organically. PPC allows you to bid for placing your ads in sponsored links of search engines. Search engine advertising is a common form of pay per click marketing. In a PPC campaign, you choose certain keywords, specific to your brands, and as users enter those keywords, your PPC advertising gets displayed at the top of Google search results page. Each time a visitor click on your ads, it takes them to landing page of your site. PPC Marketing is excellent for getting huge amount of paid site traffic, and is more cost-efficient. Benefits received from a successful PPC campaign is nothing compared to the costs.

ppc marketing

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Using PPC Advertising to improve your business output:

Read on to know how PPC ads can innovatively enhance your brands and boost your business:

#1 Highly Targeted Ads

Through PPC, you can quickly boost traffic to your website. A digital marketing company will help you with targeted clicks that hit the right audience profile at the right time- that is, when they are searching for a product or service of your business genre. Google Display Network serves 180 billion impressions, each month, giving you more targeted customers.

#2 Enhances Your Sales

The best thing about PPC marketing is that it hits your potentials, when they are looking for you-meaning actively engaged in searching and seeing your products. With a powerful and effective PPC campaign, you get more traffic, and can gradually convert your leads into sales, and finally you get more business. Businesses earn an average of $2 for every $1 spent on PPC.

#3 Measurable Results

PPC gives you scalable results. While you are conducting a PPC campaign, you can monitor your ads spends, and target only those whom you want to access. PPC gives you magical results, when you combine your campaign with analytical data and conversion tracking statistics. Research confirms that 89% of traffic generated from search ads aren’t replaced by organic clicks, when the ads are paused.

#4 Generate Quicker & Faster Response

According to research studies, 64% customers see sponsored results faster, and prefer them over other options, which drives quick reaction to your ads and makes them your end-user. PPC gives you the opportunity to reach more people, engage them, and generate high number of sales leads, instantly.

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How to use LinkedIn for Business to Improve Leads and Brand Visibility?

LinkedIn is an awesome networking tool which connects your business to its peer groups, around the world. By setting up a profile of LinkedIn for business, you can access millions of customers, and connect with other businesses to get industry insights. Also, you can learn about trending marketing strategies and best practices in the digital forum. You can create groups, and join business networks, and find new opportunities to expand your current business status. Besides all these, you can generate more leads for your business, and turn them into loyal customers, in the long run.

Here are some ways through which you can achieve large number of leads, and reach out to more people, worldwide.

linkedin for business

#1 Strong Call-To-Action

A powerful Call-To-Action (CTA) is the gateway to generate more leads. With LinkedIn, you can add customized banners to your company page, and link these banners to your site. Also, you can add three different linkable product banners to the products and service section of your company’s LinkedIn page. Thus, you get filtered traffic to your site, from LinkedIn for business. You can also connect LinkedIn to webinars, case study or other landing pages.

#2 Use the Lead Collection Widget

By adding the Lead Collection Widget to your landing page, you make it easy for your visitors, to submit their email address, with just one click. The widget sits at the top of your website, or other landing page, and helps you to achieve leads, faster. With more number of LinkedIn users, you can increase your lead generation, by 93% and provide convenience to your customers, who don’t wish to fill the entire contact form in your website.

#3 Create Personalized CTA Content

The Products and Services LinkedIn page allows you to segregate content, according to different target groups and helps you to reach individual customers. A digital marketing company displays only those products and services, which are of utmost interest to particular target groups. They segregate customers according to their profession, industry, and designation, and provide right message links to their LinkedIn profile. Customized Call-To-Action increases by about 91%, and uplifts your brand status.

#4 Post Your Business Status at Different Times

By posting your company status on your LinkedIn page, that too at different times, fetches you more impressions, clicks, shares, and updates from your followers. Morning is the best time to engage your audience, since most of LinkedIn users are active in the early hours of the day. Studies show that more than 90% of LinkedIn users come to the forum, in the morning hours.

In brief Linkedin for Business is one of the effective tool you can use to improve your online sales, brand visibility and reach.

Online Reputation Management – Digital Solution to Improve Brand Visibility!

Just like traditional PR, you also need to manage your brand image and standing, in the online platforms, and we call this Online Reputation Management (ORM). ORM gives you the freedom to monitor your brand communication, control your messages, and manage your reputation in the minds of your audience. Note that, there are people who might not use your products and/or services; however they talk about you in the online space. Online Reputation Management helps you to impress upon the society’s people, and not just your targets, which means you should be little more attentive while creating your brand communication. Here are ways through which digital media channels take care of your ORM.

online reputation management

#1 Build your Brand

Digital marketing company can connects you to your customers, and spread your brand awareness through social media. You can narrowly target your audience, and locate them effectively in various social media platforms. Social media takes you to those, who visit your sites regularly, show their interest in your offerings, and are loyal customers of your brands. Thus, you can maintain good network with your end-users and enhance your brand’s presence.

#2 Improve Your Relationships with Customers

Social media channels give you an opportunity to see what people think about your brand, or if at all, they know your name. Talks about your brand image and products go viral in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Based on online discussions, you know how your brand influences on your audience, and what kind of image it holds in the market. Knowing this, you can shape your future brand communications and strengthen you relationship with your customers. The best thing is, you directly talk to your people, and have the power to influence or change their current perception about your brand.

#3 Improve your Search Engine Ranking

Today, search engines and social media sites go hand-in-hand. Having a good profile, updated information, and relevant content on social media channels can get your sites on the first search engine ranking page of Google. Thus, your online image and online reputation management gives you more visibility, through your brand’s digital networks.

#4 Make use of Customer Comments

Your customers give reviews, post comments, and provide feedback on your products and services; to cut it short, your brand’s performance. Being on social media allows you to make use of positive comments and highlight your brand’s features, and shape your future brand messages, based on those feedbacks.