How to achieve business goals with Digital Marketing tools!

Brand marketing has become tough because of fierce competition especially it is harder while attracting the new customers or clients than ever. But as you know probably, you cannot expect the growth of your business without the assistance of digital marketing tools. No matter whether you offering the optimum range of products and services, you necessitate advertising your brand first before launching in the market.

Traditional ways of marketing or advertising such as newspapers or magazines, banners or billboards on the roadside or highways etc are expensive and this is also not a great result oriented approach. Instead of trusting on these marketing techniques, it’s time to move to the internet or digital world. Digital marketing is the trendiest way of rendering or launching your newborn product in front of your targeted customers or sustain the existing customers in order to achieve the business goals.

digital marketing tools

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Here are the tools of Digital Marketing that need to be implemented in your business that are:

Drive Your Web Traffic With SEO

In order to allow your website to perform better in search engine, you need to walk for digital marketing company because it is difficult to find your business in Google search engine. No one can reach your website until your website comes on the first page of search engine. SEO is the process that puts efforts to bring your website on the top ranking and this boost the traffic on your website.

Bring New Customers with Pay Per Click

Pay per click is the process of bringing the traffic to your website. Through this, your web ads are demonstrated on search results and entire users can click on that. This is such a way to turn your visitors into the potential buyers. You just need to grab the services of any SEO agency.

Increase Your Fan Database With Social Media

There are various social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest etc that are the amazing way of growing your business with digital marketing. Business organizations can set up official brand pages or can open new social accounts in order to sustain the fan base by posting daily updates about your brand, production, business bustles, discounts & offers etc. You can also get this job done by any SEO Company because it requires regular time and efforts.

Bring your Existing Customers Back With Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the best way to wake up your existing customers so as they cannot move to another brand or services apart from your brand. Usually, when people connect to the internet, the first step they do is to check the email. So, if your existing deals, newbie launches are in their inbox, then definitely you compel them to visit your website in order to buy or hire any service. It’s such a big deal to retain your existing client base.

Update Them With Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the newbie way of seducing the customers, this not merely keeps your clients or customers interested even update them with your products, services or tips in the form of blogs allied to your business field. If the content updated on your site is such an awesome that a reader base can take interest then, it will call your customers to visit your site on regular basis and of course, this step can be converted into sales too.

Generate More Sales with Mobile Marketing

Research says that most of the online shopping takes place via smartphones or tablets rather than a personal computer then, why to remain back without mobile marketing. Get your mobile website friendly or responsive, get the mobile application developed by the web development company and grab more and more customers to generate the sales in multiples.

Thus, get implement these digital marketing tools in your business and enable your business to surmount high. All you need to hire any web development company or digital marketing company to carry out your business marketing for better monitory growth

How changing consumer behaviour is increasing Digital Marketing Importance for Businesses

Initiating a new business is never easy, it eternally necessitates hard work, sufficient fund, and appropriate resources but this is just not enough. You require doing some extra in order to accomplish your business goals. You need to evolve a customer base and engage your probable clients. For doing so you need to adopt the digital marketing strategy which is a trendy technique of business or brand promotion. So, understand digital marketing importance and without wasting your time in other marketing strategies just hire the digital marketing company to carry out your business that matches to your desired goal.

With the availability of low-cost smartphones and cheap data connections, the people are becoming tech savvy and love to search or find any products or services via online search. They generally walk to the restaurant, bar, hotel, car repair shop, mall or other various services by searching it online because present consumers or buyers believe more on the web to search and find the local or global services. That is the reason why digital marketing importance continuously taking a lope.

Do you know there are 3-billion internet active users worldwide and average 40% of them using the internet on regular basis, an average man spend at least four hours daily on smartphones and uses the internet for at least for 25 minutes?

digital marketing importance

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Business or brand marketing via digital marketing company can give you the best return on investment rather than other marketing strategies like newspaper ads, TV ads, banner ads and more. One can cover the largest audience via online marketing because it consists several modules to promote your brand or services. Digital marketing is such a powerful tool of social media where you can get the intended monetary result.

Usually, buyer or consumers find you business or your services via three modules of digital marketing and those are:

  • Website design and development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Medial Optimization

If you have an existing business and business website and if you have not updated your website since the last two year then, visit the web development company for updating your website and then hire the digital marketing services. If you are a start-up then, first get your website designed and developed by a web development company thereafter hire the digital marketing services so as they can implement the SEO techniques on your website in order to bring your website on the first page of the Google search engine.

SEO is said to be great if some buyer search for any service then, your web pages must come on the first page of the Google search because not more than 20% audience surf even the second or third page of Google search engine. This is the reason why marketers should understand digital marketing importance for their businesses.

Now the next module is social media optimization. It is such a way to outreach your potential buyers via social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc. Earlier these social media tools are used for chatting, sharing, liking, and commenting the post, uploading the photos or albums of your friends or family trip but now these tools are vitally used for business marketing and many business individuals are engaging the newbie customers continuously through social media marketing. Social media marketing plays a crucial role to boost your website traffic and to convert your visitors into the buyers.

Thus, current businesses cannot survive without siphoning the digital marketing strategies. In order to thrive the businesses, it is very imperative to hire SEO agency for better business solutions in this emulative world where everyone is in rivalry to boost their web ranking to be demonstrated on the first page of Google search engine. We are the best digital marketing company in Pune that delivers the genuine digital marketing services that assist you to evolve your business production as well as your business image.

Uplift Your Business With Online Marketing!!

As per today’s competitive edge, people and society are becoming internet-savvy in order to grab the information about any product or service. Not merely getting knowledge about the product or services even to adopt the specific brand. Hence, it becomes obligatory to the businesses to have space on the World Wide Web along with marketing of the business or brand, which is called digital marketing or internet marketing. So, all you need to hire the online marketing services from the best digital marketing company.

Do you know getting your website designed and developed by a professional developer is just not enough for your existing or start-up business? People will merely be able to visit your website when you provide your company’s visiting card or tell them your website URL personally. So, after designing and developing phase, the next phase comes that is SEO (search engine optimization) which is a part of the digital marketing and digital marketing agency carry out this in the best possible way.

Digital Marketing is an imperative tool indeed for any business just to improve or enhance the business structure in order to obtain the actual business revenue and lead the business on the top stair. It works on steady basis and render the positive output by bringing your website on the first page in Google search engine because very few people or hardly 20% people visit the next page of search engine, rest never turn the second page and if your website is showing its ranking on the 100th page or more in the Google search engine then, no one is going to turn the 100 pages.


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So, online marketing is an imperative thing to promote your business or brand and to outreach your targeted audience. It is vital to hire an online marketing company in order to allow your brand to perform better in the current marketplace.

Every business individual needs to siphon the digital marketing services via online marketing agency to bring major changes in their business. It is as necessary as we necessitate food for our body. Digital Marketing assists business individuals to attain their desired goal allied to business not solely in local market even in global market too and highlight your brand among the targeted buyers globally.

It necessitates having fair awareness about your productivities in the minds of buyers or consumers so as they can adopt your product or services in order to generate the real income. Online marketing company crafts the space of your brand and sustains it in the emulative market.

No matter how you initiate your business, what ways you are carrying out to begin it. Even you have internet space for your business but no one knows your business until you adopt the Internet marketing company for your business.

Gone are the days when people were having limited choice and there was no tough competition in that era.  Individuals can find the right product with ease but now numerous brands can be seen in the market to seduce people, hence to send your product or services in the buyer or consumers hand, all you necessitate to hire an Internet marketing company that confers the optimum services for highlighting start-ups or existing businesses.

Eventually, it can be said that the success of every business incumbent on the online or digital marketing and that is why business owners are finding a path so as improving the business production whether for existing business or for the newborn business. “Digital Seed” a Digital marketing company in Pune helps out to every business person in order to drive their business on the most successful route and magnify it to procreate the real business output.

How to select digital advertising company for your business?

Digital advertising is the way of promoting your products over the internet, specially by using various paid advertising platforms available in the market. Today we have range of digital advertising tools available such as Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Google Display Networks, Email Promotions and SMS. All these tools can be used in efficient way to target specific audience relevant to your business, you can also bring your customers to the website and display your products or services in much better way when compared with traditional advertising way. Digital advertising is very easy to execute and is much more affordable because it has the ability to enhance organic reach of your website which indirectly results in reduction of overall advertising spend. Because of all these reasons even most of the big brands like Aditya Birla or BigBazaar or Arvind Groups are coming online and more focusing on digital advertising to boost their sales and brand reach.

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So you can also think of trying digital advertising. Now question is how to select digital advertising company for your business? We have the answer for this question, if you have your own company specialized in any sector related to Food, real estate, consumer goods selling or any other industry and need to start digital advertising of your product, don’t need to worry!! You can follow below given step wise procedure to select digital advertising company for your organization –

  1. List down all your business requirements from digital marketing such as how much investment you will be planning to make, your target audience and ROI you would be expecting from it.
  2. List down Digital Marketing Companies by researching on Google.
  3. Shortlist companies based on their profile, list of clients they have worked with and their domain expertise based on client testimonials and case studies.
  4. Contact each of the shortlisted companies and share your requirements and expectations with them with brief to your business and target audience and ask agencies to make a strategic plan accordingly and share the proposal.
  5. Once the plan is shared with you, review it carefully as per our observations plans shared will be very generic and will not be in detail from any of the digital agencies but few of them will share detailed plan with in depth research on your business.
  6. So by now you will have the idea of digital agency which really works hard to deliver client expectations, negotiate with those agencies now to finalize the pricing and finally once agreed prepare agreement document and get it mutually signed to go ahead with execution.
  7. Once you start your work with agency, carefully analyze their work and review ROI periodically to understand existing position of business because of activities. Give time period of 3 – 6 months to any agency to prove their performance but if you still feel that the agency is not able to deliver as per expectations even after 6 months then terminate the agreement to go for another one.

Are you clear with selection process now? If yes, then we request you to please try Digitalseed as your digital agency, we have expert team of digital marketing experts who not only will help you by their expert consultation but they will also help you in executing all your digital marketing campaigns. We have over 4 years of experience in planning and execution of digital and social media marketing campaigns for some of the best e-commerce startups. Follow the same procedure for us as mentioned above and see if you find us suitable for your business promotions.

Google’s Penguin 4.0 released, Now a real time part of core search algorithm!

Google released Penguin 4.0 almost after 2 years past their Penguin 3.0 update in October 2014. It is the last release in this type and major update of penguin as its a real time signal operated within its own core search engine algorithm.
Google introduced spcial filter in 2012 to track the spam sites which can not be tracked by its spamming system placed within its core search algorithm. This special filter was named as Penguin and it was operated on specific time intervals to detect and take actions on spam sites or spamming activities.
As penguin was not the realtime program, websites used to get penalized for minimum time period of 6 months to one year untill and unless next version of penguin is run. Because of which even if website stopped all spamming activity and removed all suspected links then as well they used to be suffered till the next release. For example last update from Google was Penguin 3.0 and it was released in october 2014 almost 2 years back that means sites who got affected by penguin 3.0 were still penalized till this release in 2016.

Google Penguin 4.0 Update
But now Google says, its new penguin 4.0 is realtime and operates in its core search algorithm so if websites have changed their content and removed bad links from their websites then they can be free from penalization very soon i.e. in realtime.
This new update is more specific in terms of its policy of penalizing site. It may not penalize whole website but it may affect some specific pages or even wider swath of website depending on the scenario. The filter is now more granular and can track spam signals and penalize the website accordingly or it may even just reduce ranking for few affected pages.
Google will not announce any further updates regarding penguin because now its a regular process as the filter is now a part of its core search.
This update from Google is not yet fully live but it may be live completely in next couple of weeks.

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Importance of Digital Media Marketing for Startup Businesses!!

Small business started recently with an objective to grow at rapid pace and genuinely solve the need of customers or consumers by providing valid solutions to their problem with the set of innovative products is nothing but a startup. Even if the product or services provided by startup are innovative and have the ability of creating higher impact then also if startup fails to promote that in right way and through right channel like digital media marketing then all will go in-vein.

In today’s world, priority of startups is to compete effectively, achieve rapid business growth, manage spend efficiently to make it more sustainable and finally reach break even in stipulated time frame or deadlines. To make all this happen, they need to choose effective way of marketing which will easily reach masses in less time and will get the quick returns in lesser costs. This is where Digital Media Marketing comes to the picture, because of its unique value propositions i.e. because of its importance for Startup Businesses –

  1. Digital Media Marketing has range of various online channels like SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email Marketing and SMS. These channels can be used to easily reach masses in quick time. Today there are lot of technologies like Facebook Ads, Google Ads or Email Platforms like Mailchimp that can be used to get short term returns and visibility to masses just by spending lesser bucks.
  2. Today more than 3 Crore people from India use Facebook so with the help of digital marketing we can easily reach our audience from this 3 crore and you don’t have to spend much on its marketing. Developing brand on Facebook using its innovative brand / product page can help startups in not only engaging their audience but also in retaining them for long term benefit.
  3. Digital Marketing has capability of getting organic reach through its SEO channel which helps organization to get high quality and hot prospects for businesses.
  4. Email Marketing can help startups in sending bulk emails to its audience in much customized and creative format which can generate lot of leads / sales / transactions for businesses. Email marketing also helps startups in sending followup email, brand promotion emails, new product launch events to their existing customers to improve retention rate / repeat rate.
  5. SMS marketing can help startups in sending personalized messages to customers which can improve conversion rates and can generate lot of sales or cold calls for the organization in short time period.
  6. Google Adwords is most effective technology from Google to promote websites targeting specific business keywords which prospects may look for. Even though here brand will have to spend money for promoting products but quality of audience visiting website will be highly qualitative.

Importance of social and digital media marketing in business

All these features differentiate digital marketing from the traditional marketing. In traditional marketing businesses have to spend lot of money in creating and printing marketing collaterals, they also have to ensure that the printed material is distributed or displayed in right target audience which is very difficult to judge. Secondly to do all onsite activations organizations need to hire agencies or lot of resources to keep control over other companies which results into increase of marketing spend, whereas Digital Marketing is easy to execute and measure, even organizations can hire digital marketing companies to implement activities for them if they don’t really want to invest in resources. This means it is more affordable than traditional marketing.

So in 2016 we have seen that not only startups but all small, medium and large sized organization have understood the importance of digital media marketing for businesses and now have started following up all internet marketing practices for their companies.

We at Digitalseed provide complete support of online marketing to startups, small, medium and large businesses in setting up their digital marketing channel and execute end to end campaigns for them so if you are any of organization and are looking for digital marketing company then do visit us at

Internet Marketing Company – Story on the start of Digitalseed in India

Internet marketing has become vital part of strategy for the companies in today’s world. Even though traditional marketing channels still have the importance but online marketing channels are gaining their share in market due to the efficiency of the channel, effectiveness, accuracy in promotion and measurable ROI.

As per the economic times report there are 40 million business out there only in India and out of which only 5 Lac businesses are using digital channels to promote their businesses. Others either don’t have the expertise or resources available with them or they are not aware of the importance of selling their products / businesses online so our founders thought of starting digital marketing company to help businesses come online. We started our journey with Pune and near by tier-2 cities targeting local restaurants, hotels, real-estate builders and hostels to target their customers using different online channels like SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate promotions and campaign management.

Our founders share their initial experiences when they visited few restaurants in tier – 2 cities in Maharashtra. When they visited hotels owners of big hotels in Maharashtra, the owners did not even know about what is internet marketing and how it can help their businesses.  Even most of restaurants / hotels did not even have educated staff as manager so it was even difficult to explain but finally our founders successfully managed to get the contacts of decision makers who had an idea about Google / Facebook but were not aware if they can benefit from the digital channels but our founders explained them about how people can visit their product / business from Google / Facebook and how it can benefit them. Also they had the data on number of active facebook users for the city and the searches happening online for the city. So initially our founders struggled to convince them but when they showed the examples of website like Flipkart, owner got some confidence which helped us in acquiring clients in early stage.


After this struggle for two months, now we feel really happy to announce that we have acquired enough small and medium size business clients from tier – 1 and 2 cities like Latur, Solapur, Aurangabad, Nashik, Nanded and Pune.

Currently we have range of services of Internet marketing that includes SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Web-Development & Design & End to end campaign management. Today we see politicians like Mr Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal have been actively promoting themselves on social media. Even the celebrities are maintaining their own facebook pages / twitter pages because today people spend half of the time on internet channels like Facebook & Twitter. If anyone want to communicate with their audience group / fan group they need these channels to interact.  But they dont have time for the interaction so we at Digitalseed take the end to end responsibility of handling their social pages, digital promotions and online reputation management to maintain and increase the audience base of celebrities or politicians.

So now if you are looking to create you profile presence / your business presence on digital channels then don’t worry!! we are here to provide complete support for all your digital needs along with brand promotion, social awareness generation, logo promotion and launch promotions. You can reach out to us at +91-8792715826 or to know more about us.

Double your real-estate online sales in India using online marketing strategies

Today India has more than 300 million users online and almost every one of them is available at least on Facebook which is considered to be one of the largest social channel present on the internet. We have seen consistent spike in the number of people using internet from the year 2003, not just they started using internet but they also started looking for properties online either for rent or for sale, this is when online sales came to reality.

This resulted in the inception of online real estate portal in 2005. Now we are in 2016 and we can see now every one of us look for the properties online, also lots of online tools were made available online to ease property buying process Ariel photo shoots, videos, 360 degree panos and finally the virtual property tour. Because of all these innovations we have seen tremendous growth in customers searching for properties online and every builder / broker is now focusing on online promotions to get the customers for his project / property.

online sales for real-estateTotal number of customers looking for the properties for sale have crossed 1 Lacs per day in India and total customers looking for properties online for rental purpose have crossed 20 Lacs per day which is a huge number as of today. So now this is need of the time for every builder / broker to take their business online not just with the help of property portals like 99acres, commonfloor / housing but make their own website, promote it online get the quality leads to sale their properties effectively, create their own brand in market so that if they are coming up with new project then they will get online sales easily next time on the base of earlier brand visibility campaign. So we at Digitalseed – Digital Marketing Company in Pune help our clients to set up their own website, google adwords campaign, Facebook / Linkedin / Twitter pages, Social Ads and also end to end campaigns for getting online sales and brand visibility. Today through this article we are providing vital implementations which will help builders / brokers in getting leads for their projects.

  1. Set you social accounts and website – Make sure that you have built your own website, logo and social accounts with proper content, features and USPs of buying / renting your property.
  2. User friendly and clearly highlighted Contact Form – You should ensure that contact form is clearly mentioned on your website, it should be easy to fill and with less number of priority fields – only required ones.
  3. Join Social Groups Related to your Target Audience – There are lots of groups available on Facebook, Linkedin where user / your target audience is getting engaged every day so join those groups, try to engage audience, even share your new projects / properties / some priority information which is required by every real estate investor.
  4. Display your project with high quality images – You should use high quality images to display your project / property to get the first lead.
  5. Highlight offer / USPs prominently – Indian audience is more discount / offer savvy so you should always throw some offer even though it is small or just list down USPs / free things they will be getting like free amenities with the real estate property.
  6. Thorough research on nearby localities – Do the thorough research on nearby localities, optimize your website for keywords related to those localities where your target audience is located from.
  7. Get Marketing Collaterals Ready – There are lot of agencies which will help you get property video shoots, 360 degree virtual tour and sky views of the project done. Get all these ready to better explain your customers on your project and help customers decide on the spot itself.
  8. Facebook Advertisement – Run Facebook ads with your project display targeting customers who have liked apartment / real estate/ property related posts / who have liked posts related to property portals like Commonfloor, 99acres, housing, magicbricks etc. Try new lead capture feature of Facebook to make lead capture process easy, this will help you increase your leads at least by 50%.
  9. Set up dedicated calling team – Set up dedicated calling team to call these leads immediately to convert them in sales.
  10. Frequent Offer Emails / SMSs – Collect email ids and numbers in contact form and do send email campaigns / SMSs to re-market your projects / offers to them. That will increase the chances of conversion.
  11. Google / Bing Business Listing – Create your Google / Bing listing so that your customers can find your projects easily and these days google is giving map search as an extra edge in the search that will help you get extra organic traction to your website.
  12. Tie up with Publishers – Tie-up with publishers and promote your website on different mobile apps / websites to spread word about project among your target audience.
  13. Classified Listing / Business Listings – List your website on classified websites to get back link for SEO benefit and also for getting online sales from local areas. Even free post on sites like Commonfloor, 99acres, housing can also benefit you to the certain extent.
  14. Frequent posts on social groups – Frequently post offers about your project / property on social groups to get / direct traffic to your website.
  15. Create Referral Offer – Generally people ask for opinion about builder from  their friend / relative before approaching the project so start referral program and offer some goodies to referral if he / she does mouth publicity of your project. Promote same through mix digital channels i.e. Website, Social Promotion, Google / FB Ads, Email, SMS etc.
  16. Search Engine Optimization Hire SEO agency like Digitalseed or hire a team of people and let them optimize your website for most profitable keywords for your business.

Basically if you execute all these activities you will see 100% jump in your online sales but finally it depends on your budget. If you can hire digital marketing team then you should go ahead hire experienced people one to direct you on digital marketing and other people to execute or you can hire Digital marketing consultant firm like Digitalseed to direct you on the activities you are supposed to execute and hire execution team based on their suggestion or leave entire planning and execution job to them and relax. We at Digitalseed can provide end to end Digital marketing service here right from planning to executing the strategies for you.

How to choose Best Digital Marketing Company to scale your Business!

Digital Marketing is new and dynamic way of marketing your business. The most exciting thing about Digital Marketing is that you can measure the out come of your efforts easily and more effectively when compared with traditional marketing. This started the evolution of digital marketing company, even though it started just 10 years back in India, Its popularity has been growing in an exponential way because of its easiness of implementation and its capability of getting quick returns for any organization.

Digital Marketing is nothing but promoting your business online by using all sorts of digital media platforms that includes – Social media well known by few sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Search engines which mainly Google, Yahoo and Bing and finally other small, medium and large website / directory / classified networks. But before going ahead with all this you would need your own website where you can display all your products / services.

In brief digital marketing includes website design and development, social media marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization and affiliate marketing. Now you would start thinking of team size required for executing these activities on regular basis, their salaries, money required for promoting the products i.e. for paid marketing and finally the management team required to track and manage budgets for it and to get the returns. But basically you don’t need to have team for taking care of Digital Marketing, you just need to find the best digital marketing company for your business and leave all execution part to them unless and until you scale your business to the certain extent with the help of digital marketing company. Once the business is scaled you can either hire your own in-house online marketing team or you can spend money in hiring digital marketing company and get the maximum things done. Still confused on whether to go for Digital Marketing or not, let me give you the brief advantages of Digital Marketing –

  • Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin have enabled us to reach Lacs of people in real time within time period of just few seconds, you can interact with them, communicate your message to them with creative banners, videos or even call recordings. Isn’t it exciting! You can even create custom contact forms and can generate leads very easily. Even can bring your customers on your website to buy your product just by enabling online payments.
  • Google – The god of information, today people visit google every second for every small requirement. So you can get very high quality customers to your website just by promoting your website on Google i.e. search engines. There is very high probability that all these customers will be converted.
  • Third and the most effective channels in terms of sales i.e. now with the help of Email / SMS you can directly get into the inbox of your customers and its highly possible that they will visit your website once in a lifetime to have a look at all your products and may even buy it if its really good and appealing.
  • Finally the best thing is its not very hard to execute, it can get instant results, social media can help you enhance your brand reach, increase your brand loyalty which will help you scale your business in long run. Now we hope, we have answered all your queries.

Now the question is, how you will find the best digital marketing company in your city be it a Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai or any other metro cities? Simple, there are lot of companies out there in Market but first of all check your requirement, shortlist few companies from the Google, ask them to share the marketing plan for the execution and then evaluate them based on detailed nature of the plan. Some of them will share generic plan with you and some of them will share detailed plan with lot of research, we would suggest you to go with the one which will provide you with completely researched marketing plan. is one of the fastest growing digital marketing agency in Pune, we provide all sort of digital marketing services to our clients from all the major cities across India. We at Digitalseed do the thorough research on the business of our client, send detailed research report and marketing plan. Once the plan is approved by client we start working towards it. This process has helped us in achieving desired out come for our clients. We would be really happy to have you as our clients but we would request you to please follow the process mentioned above to choose your digital marketing company and then hire the best one.

Important Digital Marketing Tips to improve your Online Sales

Digital Marketing has become integral part of each and every organization in today’s world. Being one of the most efficient technique for promoting brand and generating online sales in short time, Digital Marketing Tips are now used by every corporates to get the customers to their company websites. The most highlighted feature of digital marketing is that we can easily measure ROI of the campaign and can even optimize the marketing campaigns further to improve the overall output based on existing ROI. This results in reduction of the overall marketing spend and maximum returns at lesser costs.

Today in 2016, we have seen immense growth in the competition for every business category which is really good for the betterment of society but sustaining your business in this competition has become very difficult and for that marketers are using this latest internet marketing technology and quality service to stay ahead of everyone. This article will surely help you with Digital Marketing Tips to stay ahead of other marketers.

Previously marketers used to implement traditional marketing techniques but that required lot of manual efforts, resources and money. Even after executing all those activities organizations were not very sure on whether they will reach the right target customers or not but online marketing is equipped with latest tools and techniques which can enable marketers to target more specific user / audience and can get the desired results in limited budgets.

Now you will have a questions that what are the priority Digital Marketing Tips that each and every organization should follow to improve their online sales –


  • Create / Build Your Own User Centric Website – One of The Most important digital marketing tips is to create / build your own business website and provide all necessary information about your business / products to your end customers. The Website has to be complete with the required content and the contact information should be clearly visible so that customers can reach you. In case the product can be sold online the website should have enough provisions to enable online sales / transactions. The main focus of every business should be customer / user centricity and same should reflect from your website as well.
  • Start Blog – Blogs are used to convey all kind of business information to your stakeholders. You can convey different news related to your business category, achievements / happenings of your company on periodic basis and new trends in your business. That helps you to attract interested audience group to your website and to increase your indirect sales. Blog writing is indication that you are expert in your business field and can help you improve organic traffic to your website.
  • Write on other Publication – You can build your authorship and can establish yourself as a expert just by writing and publishing informative articles on other publishing platforms. This is one of the factors which may help in improving organic tractions to your website.
  • SEO and Social Media Marketing – Search engine optimization and Social media marketing have become vital part of online promotion activities in any organization because of their unlimited potential to provide customers / traffic to the website. Social media is powerful dynamic tool where lot of people interact with each other, share their thoughts / knowledge to learn new things. Same can be used by all the brands to interact with people, make people aware about their USPs, their products and they can enhance word of mouth publicity and social sales with the help of all the modern way of digital channels i.e. Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter etc. In case of SEO, major preference has to be given to on page optimization because as per Google’s recent algorithm, the maximum benefit will pass on to your website if your content is extremely good, free from plagiarism and unique.


But now the question is whether to hire team or hire digital marketing company to execute all these activities? Don’t worry we at Digitalseed – Online marketing company in Pune, can provide all the support to plan and execute all these activities. We have team of experts who can take care of end to end digital marketing promotions for you in your budgets. So now you don’t need to worry about hiring team of people, spending money on their salaries and making sure whether they are properly working or not. And the best thing is you dont need to hire any expert consultant who can guide you because we have team of experts who can not only guide but execute everything for you.