Benefits of Using Twitter for Business Marketing

twitter for business marketing

Twitter is another interactive social media site, which allows you to showcase your brand, talk about its features, and connect to your audience, in a short and crisp manner. The 140 letter character limit platform provides an opportunity to impress upon your customers and prospects, using fewer words with a strong meaning. Of late, businesses are also getting into twitter, following their people, and are in turned followed by fans and visitors, around the globe. They are taking help from digital marketing company to make an active presence in this social media platform. By using Twitter for business marketing, you can also:

twitter for business marketing

#1 Increase Your Brand Awareness

Using Twitter for business marketing is one of the best ways to boost your brand awareness, and bring more traffic to your brand’s webpage. By using Twitter lists, you can group your target people, whom you would like to follow. Twitter lists allow you to create separate lists for your customers, industry people, social media teachers, and vendors. With your tweets, you can increase your brand awareness by 79.4% and drive 58% more traffic to your site.

#2 Drive Engagements

By creating a conversation list, you can invite more people in your Twitter forum, have more talks, and drive more engagements. 78% of your engagements happen from retweets. 22% of your brand’s engagements are replies from your followers, whereas a massive 92% happen from clicks and links. Amidst so much talks, tweets, and conversations, you can make best use of Twitter for business marketing, and boost your revenue and reach.

#3 Influence Purchase Decisions

Twitter plays an active role to influence your customers, while making purchase decisions. Around 42% of customers learn about your products and services through your tweets, and a less one per cent provides their views and opinions about your brands. Some 31% of potential customers inquire about your business on Twitter. Around 21% make their product decisions, seeing your tweets and 19% ask for after-sales support.

#4 Change Your Visual Branding Ways

In Twitter for business marketing, you can change your visual branding, customize it, keeping in mind your target audience, and promote your business. Remember, visual essence, and look and feel of your Twitter page also attracts customers and creates a unique brand image in their minds. You can create custom graphics to develop a Twitter background, of your choice. You can also coordinate your new background image colors, with the old color combos and revamp your visual content. Changes in visual branding arrests 60% more interest of your Twitter followers.

Author: Hrishikesh

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