Why should you implement Google Analytics to Your Website?

Google Analytics is an analytics service which allows you to track your website traffic and generate site reports accordingly. Provided by Google, it helps you to get all web traffic data, so that you know from where your customers drop into your site or landing page, how much time they spent in your site, how they react to your site, and the activities they conduct within your digital asset.
Here are somekey reasons for implementing Google Analytics within your website

1 Consumer Insight

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that talks about your customer insights. By implementing GA, you get to know your Audience (those visiting your site) and Acquisitions (how/from where they are coming to your site), their Behavior (what actions they perform while browsing your website), and Conversions (how many of those have become your customers). GA also tells you the pages they visit in your site, the amount of time they spent in each page and the action taken afterwards. By collating such data and information, you can now where you and your customers are heading.

2 Website Customization

With the help of a digital marketing company, you can customize your website and get massive exposure. You can change the content, improve your landing page, and make your site visually more attractive and bring more visitors. Also, you can work on your key sections, which are more likely to be visited by your targets, and enhance its quality, design and presentation. In short, GA tool allows you to serve your website, like favorite cuisine of your customers.

3 Marketing Campaign Optimization

Google Analytics data gives you a proper direction, towards your marketing campaigns. With your site’s GA report, you can know what works and what doesn’t, for your specific marketing campaign. Through this, you can optimize your online activities and invest your time and effort in those areas, where results are productive.

4 Improve Website Usability

With Google Analytics, you get Behavior report and Conversions report which throws light on understanding if your site visitors are satisfied with your site’s usability. The Behavior report highlights the specific pages where users engage the most. The Conversions report help you to locate where your users come out of the conversion process. Accordingly, you can address the key conversion areas which needs to hold onto your customers, sustain them, and take them to the further conversion steps.


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Online marketing techniques That You Should Adhere in 2017

Year by year various innovations come ahead and are being adopted for better results. Online marketing techniques should be used as per market research and requisition otherwise it may not deliver you satisfactory results.

Here we are going to expose those online marketing techniques that will boost your website visibility as well as increase your sales.

SEO: SEO is more important when you want to put your website on the first page of Google. Today’s people go online while finding any product or services and if your brand doesn’t appear on the first page then, certainly you will lose the biggest part of your profit.

PPC: Get links on business websites where you think you can get your targeted audience. Once the customers click on your link, he/she will be redirected to your site and through this way, you can not merely improve your web traffic even increase your sales.

Social Media: Grab more customers via social media platforms. Your daily feed of relevant information, blog link, video post or infographics can impress your customers and compel them to visit your site. This is one of the best online marketing techniques that works well.

Mobile Marketing: The Present world is maniac of mobiles and where everything is done via smartphones from shopping to paying bills, searching the nearest restaurant to pub, booking a flight ticket to doctor consultation etc. Hence, get ready with mobile application and responsive web design for positive business results.

Long Length Content: Long length contents are more focused on the Google and this is such a way that can improve your site ranking organically. Publishing long length contents are just not enough, there must be a precise flow and relevant information in your blogs and articles.

Leverage Visual Contents: People love visual contents more than simple texts so, build and post the visual contents with compelling images in an attractive way in order to attract more and more audience to your site.

Focus on Videos: When it comes to videos, you can tell everything about your product and services with an easy approach to your targeted audience. Videos are one of the most popular online marketing techniques which are mostly preferred by today’s people.

So, amplify your business with these online marketing techniques. Plan, schedule and implement these techniques now so as you can expect possible result in the year 2017.

Digital Marketing Strategy in The Changing World

For a well-turned digital marketing, SEO is always the vital tool but this is the base of online marketing. Along with it, the use of precise keywords, enough back links and pay per click advertising plays a crucial role in digital marketing strategy whether you have to pay for it. Numerous changes take place every year in digital marketing and marketers need to stay aware of the newbie changes in order to perform well in the competitive market.

Several business organizations including real estates, hotels, restaurants, even disks & pubs are taking the recourse of digital marketing strategy in order to allow their business for better future results. Here are the 5 digital marketing strategies that you should be incorporating into a successful business plan:

Value Original Content: The objective of content marketing is to provide the value to the viewers or readers. Every brand needs a strong foundation hence, initiate thinking about how to confer solutions and answers.

Mobile Friendly: If you don’t have a mobile-friendly or responsive site then, certainly you may lose the biggest business opportunity in the current mobile friendly world. Along with your responsive site, your business also requisite for mobile application for perfect user experience.

Speedy Load Time: If the load time of your site is too slow or navigation is not easy then, your audience may bounce immediately and this affects your business performance seriously. So, consult a good digital marketing company today and get your website prepared for fast loading process because people do not revisit those sites that take more time to load.

Focus On Local SEO: Local SEO is such a powerful digital marketing strategy so, never ignore the local SEO because mobile users when they go outstation search the local products or services, here the need of local SEO becomes essential for the sellers.

Social Network Is Still Effective: The Current world is a slave of social media sites. So, build your social network and share the texts, audios, videos, visual contents etc. allied to your product description, quality, and deals to entertain or make vigilant your followers. Well, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are already used by the marketers, also adopt the new social networks like Instagram, Pinterest etc.

Thus, every digital marketing strategy incorporates its own importance and should to be implemented for a successful brand promotion and better business performance.

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Understand what is Digital Marketing!

The biggest question that comes to every marketer’s mind in today’s competitive era is “what is digital marketing” because every business is in rivalry to know this trendy marketing process and want to implement it so as they can have the true business presence in the market.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the vital part of any business process when your product or service is ready to serve and sell. There are 7- great digital marketing ways to create the market image of your brand that are:

Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the effective online marketing tool to lead your web or landing pages on the top search engine page so as when a targeted buyer search anything allied to your product or service can find you web pages in a search result.

Search Engine Marketing: SEM is the way to boost traffic on your business website and this help you to convert your visitor into buyers.

Social media marketing: This is one of the popular ways of grabbing more audience and traffic on your site via social networking. Various social networking sites take place in this marketing process those are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ etc.

Email Marketing: When a person opens the personal computer and connects to the internet then, the first thing that most of the people do is checking the emails hence, email marketing is the better option to create awareness about your brand among your targeted buyers.

Pay Per Click Advertising:  PPC is the another tool that advertises your product on other related sites so as you can grab the audience that is seeking the same product or service.

Content Marketing: In order to tempt and sustain the potential buyers, content marketing works well. So, either hire any content writer or digital marketing company in order to have a massy relationship with your esteemed buyers and potential ones.

Mobile Marketing: Mobile marketing brings the revolution in the marketer’s life because those who understand the role of mobile marketing in business, earns more than the other marketers whether they are selling the same quality product or service.

This is all about the digital marketing tools that essentially every marketer should know along with- “what is digital marketing?

So, before implementing the digital marketing tools in your business, you must know that what is digital marketing?  How it works best for business organizations so that the precise online marketing can be implemented in your business for better business opportunity and appropriate business revenue.

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Most Talked About Digital Marketing Trends in 2016

With the world going digital, your consumers have probably started thinking digital. However, if you don’t proceed with your digital communication, and surround your consumers as well as loyal with innovative digital marketing tactics; well you lose them. Here are some of the most interesting digital marketing trends that have been driving this year and still continue to do so:

  1. Big Data – Digital Marketing Trends

Marketing is both science and art. Figures obtained from different digital media channels talk about your present scenario, and give you an overall idea about the future. Big data includes all market data like predictive analysis, market insights and consumer interests. By using the numerical information, you can form lots of perceptions about your present online marketing efforts and find the future of your brand.

  1. Content Marketing – Digital Marketing Trends

Your content ultimately makes way for your destiny. With good quality, relevant, up-to-date, and reliable content; you can reach out to people, in large numbers and impress your business values on them. Where credible content will give you good returns, customized content will take you a little further and place your brand, away from the crowd. 56% of online marketers confirm that personalized content targeting different TGs increase engagement rates.

  1. Responsive Design – Digital Marketing Trends

Responsive design is an ideal way to make your site user-friendly for both desktop and mobile-based platforms. Studies confirm that user penetration through mobile Internet has risen to 52.7%, and is sure to go high further, in the coming years- for the simple reason that users browse your sites from their mobiles and are continuously active there.

  1. Mobile Marketing – Digital Marketing Trends

Apart from the responsive design, mobile ads and applications drive your consumers crazy and they remember you. Searching products and services from mobile-based devices is about 62%, which gives you fruitful opportunities to target your customers at their personal cells. In-app development and push messages are some techniques to hit your users through their phones.

  1. SEO – Digital Marketing Trends

This has indeed been the talk of the town in the digital industry, especially with every business implementing SEO as a part of their digital marketing strategy. According to a renowned digital marketing company, local searches take 50% of mobile visitors towards their stores. 30% of mobile searches are related to specific locations, whereas another 28% for searches about products available nearby, result in a purchase. Therefore, it all starts with the search, which means, you have to get good rankings for your brand site.

Reference – http://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics

How To Market Your Landing Pages Using Online Marketing Channels!

Do you know that your landing page is one of the most vital pages for your brand promotion and to earn profit from your brand? Landing Pages work well to collect email addresses of the targeted clients or buyers and when it goes in a right manner using right technology via the assistance of digital marketing company.

When your product or service is ready to sell and the landing pages of your website are created and published on the site. All of the links are also going to the precise places. You also get your setup done with your email service provider in order to collect your leads. Now, what is to be done? The next thing calls to drive traffic to your landing pages so as you can generate leads as well as can well-turned your business and for this process, you need to hire any good digital marketing agency.

landing page

Now, let’s uncover those points that market your landing pages so as you improve your business revenue:

Direct Calls to Action

In order to get people on your landing pages, your marketing campaign must have a strong call to action. Buyers love the instant response from your hand on the basis of the information which is being told by you.

The entire objective of your landing page is to encourage the people to visit your business website including the home page, subscription button or a newsletter, and other positive action for a better online marketing campaign. A digital marketing company can add such elements so as people can more frequently visit your site and of course most of the visiting converts in buying decision as per research.

Marketing Via Social Media

Social media is vitally a platform that crafts your brand image by outreaching the targeted audience through the various ways of ads. Because of the popularity of social networks, various social platforms are taking place in the current online marketplace.

Social sharing is vital for driving the traffic indeed. Well, your social pages are mostly composed by targeting the right audience that can make a purchase on your business website.

By posting distinct advertisement and links along with the tempting image in an informative form to your landing pages on social networks ensures that the precise audience sees them. Current marketers are picking the good social media or SEO agency in order to grab traffic via the social media marketing channels.

Link Building on Other Publishing Sites

Link Building is one of the most crucial marketing trends in today’s era. In order to obtain the good page rankings, marketers are adopting the quality SEO agency because this can be done if you are running your own blog. Using the blogging process, your web links can be published on the contributor’s sites. A user or potential buyer can read these links anytime and this will ameliorate your web page rankings and build more attention to your services or brand.

Landing pages also work well for tracking the visitors’ engagement and to generate leads to increase the monetary benefit. That’s why the importance of SEO or web development company is increasing day by day. So, hire any SEO and web development company as soon as possible for instant marketing results.

Thus, the landing pages of your website are the crucial part of your blog in order to attract the visitors. Basically, landing pages are promoted on your blog, social sites, and other publishing online areas that are decided by your digital marketing service provider. For grabbing more business income via your product or service, it is highly recommended siphoning the landing pages marketing technique. So, for a great and result oriented services you can hire “DigitalSeed” a  digital marketing company in Pune that honestly provides the digital marketing solutions as per your business necessities.

Importance of Digital Media Marketing for Startup Businesses!!

Small business started recently with an objective to grow at rapid pace and genuinely solve the need of customers or consumers by providing valid solutions to their problem with the set of innovative products is nothing but a startup. Even if the product or services provided by startup are innovative and have the ability of creating higher impact then also if startup fails to promote that in right way and through right channel like digital media marketing then all will go in-vein.

In today’s world, priority of startups is to compete effectively, achieve rapid business growth, manage spend efficiently to make it more sustainable and finally reach break even in stipulated time frame or deadlines. To make all this happen, they need to choose effective way of marketing which will easily reach masses in less time and will get the quick returns in lesser costs. This is where Digital Media Marketing comes to the picture, because of its unique value propositions i.e. because of its importance for Startup Businesses –

  1. Digital Media Marketing has range of various online channels like SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email Marketing and SMS. These channels can be used to easily reach masses in quick time. Today there are lot of technologies like Facebook Ads, Google Ads or Email Platforms like Mailchimp that can be used to get short term returns and visibility to masses just by spending lesser bucks.
  2. Today more than 3 Crore people from India use Facebook so with the help of digital marketing we can easily reach our audience from this 3 crore and you don’t have to spend much on its marketing. Developing brand on Facebook using its innovative brand / product page can help startups in not only engaging their audience but also in retaining them for long term benefit.
  3. Digital Marketing has capability of getting organic reach through its SEO channel which helps organization to get high quality and hot prospects for businesses.
  4. Email Marketing can help startups in sending bulk emails to its audience in much customized and creative format which can generate lot of leads / sales / transactions for businesses. Email marketing also helps startups in sending followup email, brand promotion emails, new product launch events to their existing customers to improve retention rate / repeat rate.
  5. SMS marketing can help startups in sending personalized messages to customers which can improve conversion rates and can generate lot of sales or cold calls for the organization in short time period.
  6. Google Adwords is most effective technology from Google to promote websites targeting specific business keywords which prospects may look for. Even though here brand will have to spend money for promoting products but quality of audience visiting website will be highly qualitative.

Importance of social and digital media marketing in business

All these features differentiate digital marketing from the traditional marketing. In traditional marketing businesses have to spend lot of money in creating and printing marketing collaterals, they also have to ensure that the printed material is distributed or displayed in right target audience which is very difficult to judge. Secondly to do all onsite activations organizations need to hire agencies or lot of resources to keep control over other companies which results into increase of marketing spend, whereas Digital Marketing is easy to execute and measure, even organizations can hire digital marketing companies to implement activities for them if they don’t really want to invest in resources. This means it is more affordable than traditional marketing.

So in 2016 we have seen that not only startups but all small, medium and large sized organization have understood the importance of digital media marketing for businesses and now have started following up all internet marketing practices for their companies.

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Important Digital Marketing Tips to improve your Online Sales

Digital Marketing has become integral part of each and every organization in today’s world. Being one of the most efficient technique for promoting brand and generating online sales in short time, Digital Marketing Tips are now used by every corporates to get the customers to their company websites. The most highlighted feature of digital marketing is that we can easily measure ROI of the campaign and can even optimize the marketing campaigns further to improve the overall output based on existing ROI. This results in reduction of the overall marketing spend and maximum returns at lesser costs.

Today in 2016, we have seen immense growth in the competition for every business category which is really good for the betterment of society but sustaining your business in this competition has become very difficult and for that marketers are using this latest internet marketing technology and quality service to stay ahead of everyone. This article will surely help you with Digital Marketing Tips to stay ahead of other marketers.

Previously marketers used to implement traditional marketing techniques but that required lot of manual efforts, resources and money. Even after executing all those activities organizations were not very sure on whether they will reach the right target customers or not but online marketing is equipped with latest tools and techniques which can enable marketers to target more specific user / audience and can get the desired results in limited budgets.

Now you will have a questions that what are the priority Digital Marketing Tips that each and every organization should follow to improve their online sales –


  • Create / Build Your Own User Centric Website – One of The Most important digital marketing tips is to create / build your own business website and provide all necessary information about your business / products to your end customers. The Website has to be complete with the required content and the contact information should be clearly visible so that customers can reach you. In case the product can be sold online the website should have enough provisions to enable online sales / transactions. The main focus of every business should be customer / user centricity and same should reflect from your website as well.
  • Start Blog – Blogs are used to convey all kind of business information to your stakeholders. You can convey different news related to your business category, achievements / happenings of your company on periodic basis and new trends in your business. That helps you to attract interested audience group to your website and to increase your indirect sales. Blog writing is indication that you are expert in your business field and can help you improve organic traffic to your website.
  • Write on other Publication – You can build your authorship and can establish yourself as a expert just by writing and publishing informative articles on other publishing platforms. This is one of the factors which may help in improving organic tractions to your website.
  • SEO and Social Media Marketing – Search engine optimization and Social media marketing have become vital part of online promotion activities in any organization because of their unlimited potential to provide customers / traffic to the website. Social media is powerful dynamic tool where lot of people interact with each other, share their thoughts / knowledge to learn new things. Same can be used by all the brands to interact with people, make people aware about their USPs, their products and they can enhance word of mouth publicity and social sales with the help of all the modern way of digital channels i.e. Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter etc. In case of SEO, major preference has to be given to on page optimization because as per Google’s recent algorithm, the maximum benefit will pass on to your website if your content is extremely good, free from plagiarism and unique.


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