Strategic Ways to Grow Real Estate Business Digitally

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Real estate is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. As of 2015, real estate business accounted for US$ 126 billion and is expected to be US$ 180 billion by 2020 (Joint report by CREDAI and JILL). Increasing demand for houses, quick development of city outskirts and influence of modern lifestyle are some of the reasons behind the massive growth of this industry.

As a real estate businessman, you must always look for the best customers for your properties. Considering today’s tech-savvy audience and a plethora of digital platforms, what can be a better way to connect with them? Using the best combination of digital media, here’s how you can create a positive impression.

  1. Dynamic & User-Friendly Website

In present digital world, you cannot survive without a website. While developing one, make sure it is trendy, easy to navigate, has quick loading time and fits in all screen sizes. And if you already have one, make proper use of it to generate leads. Ensure that your web content boosts website ranks in search engine pages. Also pay heed to the overall look n feel. Outdated websites are of no use today. As you are in the real estate sector, a 360° virtual tour right on the home page is another must-have feature.

  1. Continuous SEO

After developing a good website, you must concentrate your resources on Search Engine Optimisation. A single moment of laziness can cost you those hard-earned higher ranks. So make sure that your SEO is consistent and fit with proper keywords relevant to your website and your target audience. Choose only those keywords which can actually do wonders for your business.

  1. Social Media Marketing

People may be idle in their personal lives but their eyes are wide awake in social media platforms. Seizing this kind of a lifestyle, you can target your audience through their social media accounts. For this, you need to have dedicated pages for your properties in all portals- Facebook, Twitter, etc and keep posting and tweeting to arrest the attention of your potential customers. It is also the best place to create interest and identify your leads, if not customers.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Another significant way to grow real estate in the digital space is by joining hands with affiliates. As a result of affiliate marketing, people who view your website get to see you in other digital sites and platforms. In fact, you start following them here and there. And in this manner you start occupying good mind share, which gradually takes them closer to you.

  1. Connect Traditional Advertising with Digital Platforms

You’ve obviously invested a lot on conventional advertising say through newspaper ads or signboards, etc. Make use of these medium and incorporate all your digital connections within the ad space. When people see you in the air or in the paper, they can immediately connect with you digitally. And those who shall connect with you in this mechanism are most interested to deal with properties. Hence, by integrating conventional ads with digital platforms you get the most appropriate customers without spending extra.

Doing all these is however not as easy as it sounds. For best results, you must hire the best expertise. From website to internet marketing, we will take all possible measures to connect you with the best group of customers.

Double your real-estate online sales in India using online marketing strategies

Today India has more than 300 million users online and almost every one of them is available at least on Facebook which is considered to be one of the largest social channel present on the internet. We have seen consistent spike in the number of people using internet from the year 2003, not just they started using internet but they also started looking for properties online either for rent or for sale, this is when online sales came to reality.

This resulted in the inception of online real estate portal in 2005. Now we are in 2016 and we can see now every one of us look for the properties online, also lots of online tools were made available online to ease property buying process Ariel photo shoots, videos, 360 degree panos and finally the virtual property tour. Because of all these innovations we have seen tremendous growth in customers searching for properties online and every builder / broker is now focusing on online promotions to get the customers for his project / property.

online sales for real-estateTotal number of customers looking for the properties for sale have crossed 1 Lacs per day in India and total customers looking for properties online for rental purpose have crossed 20 Lacs per day which is a huge number as of today. So now this is need of the time for every builder / broker to take their business online not just with the help of property portals like 99acres, commonfloor / housing but make their own website, promote it online get the quality leads to sale their properties effectively, create their own brand in market so that if they are coming up with new project then they will get online sales easily next time on the base of earlier brand visibility campaign. So we at Digitalseed – Digital Marketing Company in Pune help our clients to set up their own website, google adwords campaign, Facebook / Linkedin / Twitter pages, Social Ads and also end to end campaigns for getting online sales and brand visibility. Today through this article we are providing vital implementations which will help builders / brokers in getting leads for their projects.

  1. Set you social accounts and website – Make sure that you have built your own website, logo and social accounts with proper content, features and USPs of buying / renting your property.
  2. User friendly and clearly highlighted Contact Form – You should ensure that contact form is clearly mentioned on your website, it should be easy to fill and with less number of priority fields – only required ones.
  3. Join Social Groups Related to your Target Audience – There are lots of groups available on Facebook, Linkedin where user / your target audience is getting engaged every day so join those groups, try to engage audience, even share your new projects / properties / some priority information which is required by every real estate investor.
  4. Display your project with high quality images – You should use high quality images to display your project / property to get the first lead.
  5. Highlight offer / USPs prominently – Indian audience is more discount / offer savvy so you should always throw some offer even though it is small or just list down USPs / free things they will be getting like free amenities with the real estate property.
  6. Thorough research on nearby localities – Do the thorough research on nearby localities, optimize your website for keywords related to those localities where your target audience is located from.
  7. Get Marketing Collaterals Ready – There are lot of agencies which will help you get property video shoots, 360 degree virtual tour and sky views of the project done. Get all these ready to better explain your customers on your project and help customers decide on the spot itself.
  8. Facebook Advertisement – Run Facebook ads with your project display targeting customers who have liked apartment / real estate/ property related posts / who have liked posts related to property portals like Commonfloor, 99acres, housing, magicbricks etc. Try new lead capture feature of Facebook to make lead capture process easy, this will help you increase your leads at least by 50%.
  9. Set up dedicated calling team – Set up dedicated calling team to call these leads immediately to convert them in sales.
  10. Frequent Offer Emails / SMSs – Collect email ids and numbers in contact form and do send email campaigns / SMSs to re-market your projects / offers to them. That will increase the chances of conversion.
  11. Google / Bing Business Listing – Create your Google / Bing listing so that your customers can find your projects easily and these days google is giving map search as an extra edge in the search that will help you get extra organic traction to your website.
  12. Tie up with Publishers – Tie-up with publishers and promote your website on different mobile apps / websites to spread word about project among your target audience.
  13. Classified Listing / Business Listings – List your website on classified websites to get back link for SEO benefit and also for getting online sales from local areas. Even free post on sites like Commonfloor, 99acres, housing can also benefit you to the certain extent.
  14. Frequent posts on social groups – Frequently post offers about your project / property on social groups to get / direct traffic to your website.
  15. Create Referral Offer – Generally people ask for opinion about builder from  their friend / relative before approaching the project so start referral program and offer some goodies to referral if he / she does mouth publicity of your project. Promote same through mix digital channels i.e. Website, Social Promotion, Google / FB Ads, Email, SMS etc.
  16. Search Engine Optimization Hire SEO agency like Digitalseed or hire a team of people and let them optimize your website for most profitable keywords for your business.

Basically if you execute all these activities you will see 100% jump in your online sales but finally it depends on your budget. If you can hire digital marketing team then you should go ahead hire experienced people one to direct you on digital marketing and other people to execute or you can hire Digital marketing consultant firm like Digitalseed to direct you on the activities you are supposed to execute and hire execution team based on their suggestion or leave entire planning and execution job to them and relax. We at Digitalseed can provide end to end Digital marketing service here right from planning to executing the strategies for you.