How Brands can Optimize SEO with Google’s Evolving Algorithm?

how brands can optimize SEO as per google's algorithm

The best part about digital marketing is the pace at which things keep changing. All credits to technological innovations and software updates for such rapid changes. Of late, the concept of ‘voice searches’ has spread like wildfire. It has remarkably taken online marketing to its next level. Now, people prefer using their own voice over their hands for fetching any information. And to perfectly address their queries, new-age digital communication systems are doing revolutions. Alexa from Amazon, Siri from the iconic brand Apple and our very own Virtual Assistant of Google are few examples.

These changing algorithms especially in Google are a clarion call for marketers to change their approach towards SEO optimization. In order to captivate the tech-savvy digital consumers, businesses need to channelize their efforts towards voice searches and focus more on mobile. Here’s how they can do it:

Voice Search Optimization

Gone are the days when customers would even take the pain of typing their needs, choosing from the available options and finally settle with their desired choice. Thanks to Google’s Virtual Assistant, today they only use their voice for fulfilling any requirement. They ask something and the Assistant delivers the best possible solutions right on their screen. Seizing this golden opportunity, businesses can create content that will not only respond to the queries but directly bring consumers into the online point-of-sale. This can be the product page or the website itself or a direct link to the payment gateway to purchase the commodity. In short, content has to be optimized for SEO in such a manner that will smoothly take the customer soon after the question has been asked.

‘Mobile First’ Approach

It is very obvious that most voice searches will be made from mobile. Well, how many of us actually speak to our desktop or computer? So, while designing content marketers and writers have to think of mobile-centric customers; people who may forget to eat and sleep but will always remain online. Short, crisp and catchy phrases may be with some well-known idioms or famous sayings are all that will be needed for maximum SEO optimization.

Besides the content, webmasters and SEO experts must check that the site pages are easily accessible and customisable across all screen sizes. If not ensured, they will definitely lose some of the valuable assets of their organisation. (Customer=Asset).

Changing Intentions of Guest Posts

It is better not to emphasise on Guest Posting at all. Sad but true, Guest Posting is now on Google’s radar; leaving no scope to achieve back links and enhance SEO rankings. Instead, the search engine giant now recommends putting a ‘no follow’ tag as it immediately prevents Google from counting the link. The only intention of such a policy is to encourage Guest Posts only for information and not for increasing SEO rankings.


That was all about optimizing SEO in the changing world of Google algorithm. However, many more changes are on the cards. Stay tuned!!

Author: Hrishikesh

Hrishikesh is Digital Marketing Expert with experience of 4 years in Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Social Media and Email Marketing. He enjoy writing articles and achieving online sales for his clients / company.