Why should you implement Google Analytics to Your Website?

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an analytics service which allows you to track your website traffic and generate site reports accordingly. Provided by Google, it helps you to get all web traffic data, so that you know from where your customers drop into your site or landing page, how much time they spent in your site, how they react to your site, and the activities they conduct within your digital asset.
Here are somekey reasons for implementing Google Analytics within your website

1 Consumer Insight

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that talks about your customer insights. By implementing GA, you get to know your Audience (those visiting your site) and Acquisitions (how/from where they are coming to your site), their Behavior (what actions they perform while browsing your website), and Conversions (how many of those have become your customers). GA also tells you the pages they visit in your site, the amount of time they spent in each page and the action taken afterwards. By collating such data and information, you can now where you and your customers are heading.

2 Website Customization

With the help of a digital marketing company, you can customize your website and get massive exposure. You can change the content, improve your landing page, and make your site visually more attractive and bring more visitors. Also, you can work on your key sections, which are more likely to be visited by your targets, and enhance its quality, design and presentation. In short, GA tool allows you to serve your website, like favorite cuisine of your customers.

3 Marketing Campaign Optimization

Google Analytics data gives you a proper direction, towards your marketing campaigns. With your site’s GA report, you can know what works and what doesn’t, for your specific marketing campaign. Through this, you can optimize your online activities and invest your time and effort in those areas, where results are productive.

4 Improve Website Usability

With Google Analytics, you get Behavior report and Conversions report which throws light on understanding if your site visitors are satisfied with your site’s usability. The Behavior report highlights the specific pages where users engage the most. The Conversions report help you to locate where your users come out of the conversion process. Accordingly, you can address the key conversion areas which needs to hold onto your customers, sustain them, and take them to the further conversion steps.


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Author: Hrishikesh

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