Importance of Online Reputation Management in 2019

Consider as an individual you’re moving to a new city, maybe for work or holidays. If you’re looking for the best places to shop, watch a movie, or just have fun what’s the first thing you do? Ask friends and family or Google for recommendations. Just like your friends will only recommend the places that have the best offline reputation, Google will only suggest places that have the best online reputation. This includes your customer feedback scores, your reviews on various platforms relevant to your industry, and any ratings you may have on your personal Google Business Pages.

Online Reputation Management

Today, customers base a lot of their decisions on what they read online. In fact, a study shows that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as they would trust personal recommendations from friends and family. 94% of people also check online reviews at least once before buying a product.

Apart from helping customers make purchase decisions your online reputation and image also play an important role in other digital marketing aspects.

 For instance

  • Businesses with better reviews tend to rank higher on Google search results
  • Social Listening of your online presence can help establish any potential problems before it can become a major phenomenon and help shut the problem before it escalates
  • You can do a lot of your potential customer research based on the feedback they provide during the reviews. Future versions of products can be adapted as per the customer requirements.
  • Better your ORM better will be your brands credibility online and offline.
  • ORM has been known to significantly impact the top-line and bottom-line of a company

What Can You Do As A Business To Successfully Manage Your Online Reputation Management?

  1. Improve online visibility: Before you can even begin your online reputation management journey you have to ensure that can be found easily on any social media platform that is of relevance to you as an organisation. You will need to create Social Media pages, Google My Business account, accounts to any relevant websites as well as having a highly optimized website for search. The first step to achieving a high score in online reputation is to ensure that they can find you online to review your business.
  2. Always Respond To Customer Reviews: One important aspect of Online Reputation Management is to ensure that your ears to every platform on which you are present. No matter what the review is you have to respond to the customer. If it’s a glowing review, appreciate it. If it’s a negative review, understand the problems and respond with a potential solutions or saying you have the issue under consideration.
  3. Write Collective Responses: If you’re getting repeated complaints about a same problem which requires a more detailed explanation you can write a blog or shoot a vlog about it and provide your customer with a link to the same. In fact, you can even publicise the blog/vlog so that other people who might be having the same problem can refer to it. Make sure its packed with information and provides a real solution to the problem.


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Author: Hrishikesh

Hrishikesh is Digital Marketing Expert with experience of 4 years in Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Social Media and Email Marketing. He enjoy writing articles and achieving online sales for his clients / company.