Brand Perception: How Social Media Influences It?

social media influences

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is one of the key marketing activities undertaken in the digital platforms. Today’s new-age audience spent hours after hours in their social media accounts. And every second they love to switch from one portal to another. From Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn to Instagram, common people find peace in multiple existences. Hence, to tap on such consumers, businesses also occupy substantial space in these forums.

At every second, they are posting pictures, creating discussion forums, inviting audiences to some event, tweeting live pictures, sharing videos, etc. All of these aim at creating brand awareness. The social media managers encourage more brand-centric discussions and try to track what’s going in the minds of the audience. Besides photos and videos, they also share teasers to see how the target group responds.

When it comes to brand building, the very first step is creating a brand perception. The way one person feel about a particular brand may differ from others. Social media marketers take the real pain of influencing opinions and ask people to talk about brands. They don’t care if people speak in favour or against their brand, but ensure that the particular brand is the talk of the town. This means consumers, in general, are aware about the brand’s existence.

While spreading brand awareness, social media managers conduct multiple campaigns on these platforms. At times, they run the same campaign in different portals and try to sync it. This has an obvious effect on the audience. Wherever they go, they see the brand, get inspired and finally fall for it.

Another unique aspect of social media is the USP of every platform. Where YouTube is excellent for sharing videos, Twitter calls for short and crisp tweets. Facebook is an all-inclusive place where digital marketers need to do some good research to know at what time they must post so that they are viewed by their desired audience. All such plus minus calculations across the social media platforms takes a brand to its zenith, or even beyond.

In SMM, consumers have an equal share like that of the marketers. If people like something they too share it in their account. This share is further viewed by others in their list. In this way, the sharing chain goes on. Perhaps, this is the real magic of social media. Simultaneously, people also post comments, which further give rise to more conversations. Therefore, in just one second, audience comes closer to the brand; thereby giving it a strong boost.

SMM is a continuous activity, which is why; most large-scale organisations maintain a specialised social media management team. The managers work 24*7 with the hope of spreading brand name and developing strong and positive perception among the public.

The SMM department of Digital Seed is truly commendable. Working round-the-clock for 365 days, our professionals ensure maximum outreach in all social forums. Visit social media marketing services. Share your requirements and we shall come up with a full-proof SMM plan for your brand.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Invest in Local SEO in 2018

Top 5 Reasons You Should Invest in Local SEO in 2018

While 2018 is about to progress towards its end, you can still use its remaining months to increase business profits. How? The answer lies in localising your SEO efforts. All this time you have been concentrating on the global arena with the hope to create international appeal. Amidst such attempts, you have actually forgotten those people who reside within your vicinity and are ready to spend a handsome amount against your products and services. Hence, for maximum business returns, it is time you shift towards Local SEO. And here’s why you must do it:

  1. Tapping Local Consumers is Easy & Simple

People in your area may hardly know about the brand image and quality of your product. With Local SEO, the moment they spot you, you will be their favourite. According to a research, consumers are unwilling to travel for more than 15minutes for making any purchase. Imagine when they will connect with your products and use them how it will pull up your sales figures besides giving you a handful of lifetime loyal customers.

  1. Less Investment, More Achievement

Local SEO hardly pinches your pocket. It is extremely economic and affordable. Even if 5 people come to your store, at least 4 of them will end up choosing your product over others. This means you spend less and earn more. This further reduces your costs and guarantees higher ROI, which you will never get in wider geographies.

  1. Lesser Local Competition

How many brands actually perform Local SEO? Or how may at least know about this term? Surprisingly there aren’t many in the list and most sellers are not even interested in local appeal. Here, you have a golden opportunity and who knows you may be the only player in the region to grab customers. With comparatively lesser competition, you can actually look forward to a level-playing field through Local SEO.

  1. Respond to Voice Searches

With the advent of Siri, Alexa and Virtual Assistant; customers have got into more talking than typing. In such a situation, your business can skyrocket from those few local customers only if you get certain things correct. Firstly, your SEO content must be enriched with sellable content appropriate for your brand. Secondly, you must focus on mobile friendly customers as all voice searches are made through personal devices. Thirdly, your content must fit within the screen of every user. Add some other thumb rules like user-friendly pages, quick accessibility and faster loading.

  1. Your Competitors are also doing it

Yes, you read it correct. Right under the carpet, they too are focusing on localised SEO for better results. Their international presence may not give them what they receive from Local SEO efforts. In fact, the entire world and even Google recommends opting for regional SEO to maximise page ranks and get more business in less time.

Now that you are aware about the quick benefits of Local SEO, don’t waste any more time. Accumulate all resources and take a positive step in the world of Search Engine Optimization.

How Brands can Optimize SEO with Google’s Evolving Algorithm?

how brands can optimize SEO as per google's algorithm

The best part about digital marketing is the pace at which things keep changing. All credits to technological innovations and software updates for such rapid changes. Of late, the concept of ‘voice searches’ has spread like wildfire. It has remarkably taken online marketing to its next level. Now, people prefer using their own voice over their hands for fetching any information. And to perfectly address their queries, new-age digital communication systems are doing revolutions. Alexa from Amazon, Siri from the iconic brand Apple and our very own Virtual Assistant of Google are few examples.

These changing algorithms especially in Google are a clarion call for marketers to change their approach towards SEO optimization. In order to captivate the tech-savvy digital consumers, businesses need to channelize their efforts towards voice searches and focus more on mobile. Here’s how they can do it:

Voice Search Optimization

Gone are the days when customers would even take the pain of typing their needs, choosing from the available options and finally settle with their desired choice. Thanks to Google’s Virtual Assistant, today they only use their voice for fulfilling any requirement. They ask something and the Assistant delivers the best possible solutions right on their screen. Seizing this golden opportunity, businesses can create content that will not only respond to the queries but directly bring consumers into the online point-of-sale. This can be the product page or the website itself or a direct link to the payment gateway to purchase the commodity. In short, content has to be optimized for SEO in such a manner that will smoothly take the customer soon after the question has been asked.

‘Mobile First’ Approach

It is very obvious that most voice searches will be made from mobile. Well, how many of us actually speak to our desktop or computer? So, while designing content marketers and writers have to think of mobile-centric customers; people who may forget to eat and sleep but will always remain online. Short, crisp and catchy phrases may be with some well-known idioms or famous sayings are all that will be needed for maximum SEO optimization.

Besides the content, webmasters and SEO experts must check that the site pages are easily accessible and customisable across all screen sizes. If not ensured, they will definitely lose some of the valuable assets of their organisation. (Customer=Asset).

Changing Intentions of Guest Posts

It is better not to emphasise on Guest Posting at all. Sad but true, Guest Posting is now on Google’s radar; leaving no scope to achieve back links and enhance SEO rankings. Instead, the search engine giant now recommends putting a ‘no follow’ tag as it immediately prevents Google from counting the link. The only intention of such a policy is to encourage Guest Posts only for information and not for increasing SEO rankings.


That was all about optimizing SEO in the changing world of Google algorithm. However, many more changes are on the cards. Stay tuned!!

Digital Marketing Trends: Changing The Way We Market To Consumers

With frequently changing modules, new innovations and recent trends, digital marketing has taken the world by storm. We wake up every day only to find something new and different in this sector. A strong urge to innovate and revolutionize virtual marketing is the driving force of this industry. And with constant force, it is progressing forward with new concepts and ideas.

Here is a list of the most exciting trends in the digital marketing industry which has changed the way we sell to our customers:

  1. Voice Search

Digital Marketing Trends- Voice Search
An extremely unique and creative revolution, Voice Search has drastically transformed the way we look towards our customers. Today, people don’t even spend time in typing their query. Instead, they grab their personal device and take help of Virtual Assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, etc to find a solution. This small shift from fingers to vocal cord has provided us with a good prospect in targeting audiences. Today, digital marketing is more about less words, more impression. Customers ask something and we seize this opportunity to directly take that person to our target pages. By creating content for oral questions, we have gradually switched over to the next level of online marketing.

  1. Chat-bots

Be it 6am in the morning or 12 midnight, we always have someone to chat with our visitors. All thanks to this AI-enabled innovation for substantially reducing our costs and helping us to keep track of visitor needs and requirements. Chatbots work exactly like a customer service employee. The best part about it is its quick and instant reply along with all courtesy statements and formalities. People visit our site, ask questions, get their answers and remain satisfied. What more do we want?

  1. Influencer Marketing

The advent of Influencer Marketing has been a bane for this industry. As webmasters, we always try to get a reliable and genuine customer to talk about our commodities. This helps us to win the heart of the listeners and create a positive impression in their minds. If done on a consistent basis, influencer marketing can take a business beyond the sky and generate unimaginable profits in the near future.

  1. Mobile First

Presently, people are drawn towards their mobiles and spend more time romancing with the screen. The ‘Mobile First’ approach is a creation of this consumer behaviour. Most digital advertisements are designed to appear in mobile screens and not necessarily in desktops and computers. We also take care to ensure that sites are user-friendly and customisable, meaning it aptly fits within the screen of the user.

  1. Videos

Of late, video ads have gained immense popularity among the masses. Companies take to YouTube to launch all kinds of videos be it launch events, advertisements, online message or any marketing activity. We further invest in popular videos and place our ads for maximum coverage. Both ‘Skip Ads’ and ‘Non-Skip Ads’ enable us to identify the right customers for our products and services and takes us closer to them.

These are just a few of the trends. Some others are AI, social media channels, enhanced personalisation and many more. While these are trends in the present day, who knows they may become history tomorrow?

10 benefits of web-based applications

Are you still using the desktop applications in your office? If yes, then it’s time to migrate to the cutting edge web-based applications.

In this digital and high-tech sphere, cloud computing is all the rage. That is why companies are migrating to a web-based application. These applications are easy-to-install and they use the website as an interface. The data present in the application can be accessed on any desktop via the internet.

Here are few more advantages of using web-based applications.

1.     Cost-effective

The performance of desktop-based applications totally depends on the configuration and power of the system/desktop on which they are used.  Sometimes, there are software updates that would require setting up new hardware components. Thus, it becomes expensive. On the other hand, web application does not depend on the machine as it gets power from the server. So, it is cost-effective. 

2.     No More Updating Issues

Some small businesses spend an enormous amount of time every week on software updates. When a software update is available, it needs to be installed on every single desktop in which the program is installed. This makes the process tedious and full of hassles. This is the prime reason that the developers prefer web application. The users of web-based application only need to update the app, and they do not need to individually install it on every device.

3.     It works on all app-enabled devices

The web applications can work on almost any platform whether a less powerful tablet.  It is compatible with different operating systems and does not depend on the configuration of the device. The device only needs to have a standard browser and internet connectivity for the applications to work.

4.     Quick development cycles

Easy-to-learn and popular languages like Java, HTML, and CSS are used to develop coding for web applications. Thus, these applications result in quick processing and development cycles.

5.     Enhanced security

The companies that use desktop based applications do not always keep its software up-to-date. They keep on shifting the update to a date when the workload is less as rolling out updates affects the productivity. Out-to-date applications increase the threat to security as updates are released to fix bugs and security issues.

6.     It offers flexibility

The web applications can be accessed on any device from any location. Thus, they give users the flexibility to access the data from any place just via internet access. The employees can handle emergency tasks from their homes.

7.     It comes with community support

Most of the web applications have community support. This allows faster resolution of issues as you can ask experts and experienced people of the community to solve your issues.

8.     Impressive usage rate

With the increasing popularity of smartphones, the usage of applications has also increased. A majority of smartphone users spend less time browsing the internet and more time on using the apps.

9.     User tracking

The web applications come with user tracking feature that is used to find out the things that work with the programs and even those that doesn’t work at all. This even helps in making enhanced versions of the app in the future.

10.Offline Utility

The biggest advantage of web-based applications is that they can also be built for offline use.  Although some of the advantages and features are lost, the data can be accessed without internet access.

So, convinced to go for web-based application? Consult Digitalseed right away and we’ll be at your service.

Why is website development imperative for every enterprise?

Does your company have a website? If not then its time to build one! When you are living in the new generation then why do you adopt traditional methods of marketing? Implement new marketing tactics and develop your website right away as it is the need of the hour.

We are living in a digital ambiance where the customers are increasingly using mobile phones and laptops. Thus, the website can serve as a promotional tool to reach out to larger masses and to enhance the sales. That is why website development is evolving as a successful strategy for business development.  But, most of the small businesses ignore building a website as they are not aware of its significance. They consider other marketing tactics that cater to local customers. However, getting global is the key to skyrocketing one’s revenues.

The Internet has become an integral part of everyone’s life and there is not even a single day when the internet is not used. So, a website enhances your online presence and makes your company garner the much-needed attention. A plethora of startups struggle to establish in the market. These companies fail to capture the target audience in the beginning as they have enormous expectations but they lack in their

. The major drawback of the startups is that they neglect the significance of websites. If you are also doing the same, then please wake up and correct your mistake.

Stills not convinced? Here are few reasons that illustrate the importance of a developed website for the growth of the business:

1.     24/7 Accessibility

The biggest advantage of a website is that it is accessible to the audience 24/7. Most of the companies go for hoardings and posters or establishing a physical outlet in order to catch the attention of the audience or visitors. However, this is not the best marketing strategy that you can implement. People nowadays are too much engrossed in their monotonous life so it is not possible for them to visit the office or notice the banners and hoardings.

On the contrary, if you develop a website then that catches the attention of larger masses. It is because people extensively use the internet and they can visit the website at any point of time. They can even visit your website just before sleeping or at the oddest hour. You can create a website and supply all the necessary details about your company so that the visitors are lured to do business with you.

2.     Convenient

Visiting a website is much more convenient than visiting the office. People can always visit your website and look for the information that they need. You can go for tablet and mobile-friendly website so that the users can scroll through the website in any device whether laptop, PC, tablet or mobile phones.

3.     Global Marketing

A website enhances company’s online presence so that you can deal even with the global customers. You can link to the forums, advertise and share your products across several online platforms to attract global buyers.

4.     The website serves as a credible source

A website serves as one of the most credible sources to exemplify your company. It even serves as an office where you can depict your services, products, and your company’s USPs to attract the buyers.


Website development is imperative for every business. It takes a business to the global front and enhances the revenues. If you also wish to take your business internationally and boost your revenues then go for website development.

5 reasons why it’s time to focus on social media marketing tactics

The number of mobile phone users and tech-savvy consumers has increased exponentially which has even increased the popularity of social media platforms. This denotes that businesses of all sizes should have a presence in social media and a stellar social marketing plan. Those companies who fail to do so lack behind its competitors in this digital world.

Modern-day consumers love to shop online. However, they go through user reviews, ratings and description of the products before buying. The customers even love interacting with their favorite brand on various social media platforms. Hence, social media presence can influence the customers and lead to a rise in the sales.

Merely developing content and posting it is not sufficient. You need to implement effective social media strategies in order to make your business stand out.  You need to set specific business goals and develop a proper blueprint to achieve them. However, the biggest hurdle is that the trends in social media world keep on changing. The strategy that was effective four months back may not be able to garner the same success rate. So, you need to sit down and research every week to manage your social channels efficaciously.

For this, you’ll have to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns from time to time. Some of the metrics that you can use are a number of views, sharing, lead generation, and sales metrics. If you’ll follow all this then you’ll surely witness speedy results.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 topmost reasons why you need to focus on your social Media marketing strategy: 

1.     It helps the companies to be on track

Prior to developing social media marketing strategies, the companies need to analyze their strength and weaknesses and how social media can be used to overcome the weaknesses and to make the most of the strengths.  This analysis not just helps in enhancing the marketing strategies, but it also provides insight into your company’s current status.

2.     It helps to know your customers

With constant social media marketing, you’ll be able to know your customers better. You’ll have an idea about their likes, dislikes, interests and somehow be able to predict future trends. Most of the online platforms provide detailed analysis that helps to develop stellar social media campaigns.  Enhancing your strategies from time to time gives you an idea of latest trends so that you can post relevant content that attracts the customers.

3.     It enhances your competitiveness

Just like your company, your rivals must also be having their social marketing strategies. The fact that gives you a competitive edge is the relevancy and effectiveness of the campaigns. That is why it is imperative to enhance your social media marketing plan with evolving social media. It will surely enhance your competitiveness.

4.     It improvises customer service and communications

The social media platforms can be used to get feedback about the products and services by virtue of being instantaneous in nature. You can communicate with the customers and this fosters positive relationship which is really good for the business.

5.     It is cost effective

Though social media is not monetizing, still it is an effectual marketing platform which is even cost-effective in comparison to the traditional methods of marketing. The platforms aid the marketers to target a specific group of customers. Furthermore, different platforms provide great tool at a marginal price.

Implementing social media marketing campaigns effectively is the need of the hour. That is why you should turn to experts like Digitalseed to take your social media marketing to the next level.

Five reasons mobile marketing is the best marketing strategy for the present generation

Marketing is imperative for every business as that is the thing that introduces business offerings to the masses and takes it to the zenith of success. With the advancement in technology, the businesses need to enhance their marketing strategies and adapt to the technological changes to keep pace with the competition. In this interconnected world, the biggest marketing trend undoubtedly is ‘mobile marketing’.

According to an article on Forbes, the rate of mobile adoption is increasing exponentially which was an impressive 80% in the year 2016. Furthermore, the average rate of smartphone conversion is 64% for e-commerce sector. These stats are sufficient to justify that mobile marketing is the need of the hour. There are few more reasons to target your marketing to mobile devices:

1.      The average time spent by people on their smartphone is increasing

People from all across the globe are addicted to smartphones. They spend more than five to six hours daily on the mobile phones. The users often use their smartphone for different tasks including internet surfing, gaming, listening to music or any other task. In this scenario, you can capture their attention by planning a marketing campaign that targets towards the mobile devices. Mobile applications are all the rage so you can build your own user-friendly mobile app or you can make your website compatible with all screen size.

2.      The online business is facilitated by mobile marketing

A legion of consumers makes their online purchase on the go by searching for the products and ordering them via their mobiles. More than 50% of e-commerce visits are initiated from mobile phones. Everything right from the order of apparels and gadgets to pizzas and burgers is done via smartphones by using apps. Industry giants like Amazon, Myntra, Dominos and Flipkart have realized the significance of mobile marketing and that is the prime reason that they have gone for mobile-friendly websites, portals, and apps.

3.     Mobile technology enhances user-experience

The people of the present generation are occupied in their mundane routine. Thus, they prefer mobile technology to get things done in just a few taps on the screen. They search for information online and even make most of their purchases online. Therefore, those businesses that have stellar marketing strategies can benefit from this in a big way. If your website is optimized for search engines and is easily navigable, then that will definitely drive more and more traffic to your website that may convert to customers and generate huge revenues.  Furthermore, search engine algorithms give preference to mobile-friendly websites.

4.     The open rates of SMS is higher than email

Opening an SMS doesn’t require active internet plan, so its opening rate is 98% in comparison to the 90% opening rate of emails. Secondly, SMS is a kind of instant marketing where the message will directly pop-up on any mobile devices. You can tailor your SMS to catch the attention of the readers and compel them to go for your products or services. They may be interested in researching the product and then buying it.

5.     Mobile marketing has an enormous expanse

Mobile devices are possessed by people of all demographics by virtue of being cheaper, lighter and portable. The mobile phones users are exponentially greater than laptop or PC users. Thus, mobile marketing gives you an opportunity to reach out to larger masses.  


Interested in mobile marketing? Choose Digitalseed

6 Reasons Digital Marketing can aid in Growing your Business

The changes in technology have impacted the marketing sector in a big way. Nowadays, businesses whether big or small, are spending a hefty amount on digital marketing to expand the reach of their business and to have a global presence. The online marketplace is huge and offers tremendous opportunities. Promoting your brand online can drive enormous traffic to your brand’s website. However, merely growing website traffic cannot boost your company’s revenues. The traffic needs to be converted into leads for the success of your business. This is exactly what Internet marketing does. It attracts the target audiences and converts them into customers, leads or subscribers. Therefore, every business is now heading towards online marketing. By applying digital marketing strategies, companies can make wise investments and grow their business.

Following are some more reasons that prove that digital marketing is essential for the growth of a business.

  1. The online field is leveled by digital marketing

Digital marketing gives equal opportunities to small and large businesses to compete with each other thereby leading to increase in the competition. Through this medium, small businesses are provided with all the resources for their sustenance in the market which were earlier provided only to the large businesses.

  1. Digital marketing is cost-effective

It is evident that small businesses possess less capital and fewer resources than the giants. The traditional form of marketing is not suitable for small businesses as they simply cannot afford it. However, Internet marketing provides them with an opportunity to promote and grow their business by making a meager investment. Furthermore, the marketing channels deliver impressive results.

  1. It emphasizes on conversion optimization

Online marketing strategies involve SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and all other popular strategies that guarantee conversion of traffic to subscribers, sales or leads. These techniques ensure that the conversion rate is higher in case of online marketing.

  1. Digital Marketing is a source of earning maximum revenues

Effective digital marketing generates higher conversion rate that in turn garners enhanced profits for the business. Furthermore, digital marketing techniques employ advanced technologies that can help your business to attain greater heights of success at a relatively low cost thereby leading to maximum profits. The companies can then expand their workforce and capture both local and global market. It has also been clearly noticed that small businesses that adopted new technologies earned more revenues than large businesses.

  1. Digital marketing leads to the increase in demand for goods

Digital marketing has facilitated the people to find the products that suffice their needs. This gives a complete picture to the companies about the likes and dislikes of the target audience. So, they can manufacture the products catering to the needs of the consumers. Thus, it leads to an increased demand for the products that are liked by the people.

  1. Digital marketing influences the mobile users

Mobile phones are all the rage. In the present scenario, the best platform for online marketing is undoubtedly mobile phone. Therefore, digital marketing campaigns emphasize on promoting the brand among mobile phone users.

Digital / Online marketing can be a game changer for your business. If you wish to take your company to the zenith of success, then choose Digitalseed for your online marketing.

7 reasons why every business should invest in SEO

In this competitive era, it has become requisite for every business to increase their customer base in order to sustain the competition. Modern-day customers are intelligent, knowledgeable and they have ample of information at their disposal. So, they cannot be lured by the conventional marketing techniques. Customers prefer those products that stand out.  It is therefore anticipated of every business to enhance the quality of their products. Apart from this, it is equally important to have sound marketing strategies that use those techniques that are customer-centric, and relevant in the present scenario. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of these.

SEO plays a major role in boosting your business’ marketing. Getting high ranks on the search engines is imperative as it drives traffic to your website and introduces your business offerings to the potential customers. Apart from this, there are seven good reasons that prove every business should invest in SEO.

1.     Omnipresent

More than 90% of the people search for the products on the internet prior to buying them. Every single search result or query that is made on the internet is recorded. SEO experts dig out information from this chunk of data and analyze the effective marketing strategies. If your information is on the subject that users search the most then you’ll get more visitors and few of them may even be interested in buying your products.

2.     Return On Investment (ROI)

The major aim of all the marketing strategies is to generate leads and to increase the reach of your business. Many research have shown that if your website is Search Engine Optimized then you’ll receive more than 33% more visitors. Furthermore, SEO is cost-effective and it garners great ROI.

3.     It creates your brand’s image

Search Engine Optimization is not just helpful in increasing your ranking in the organic search but it also builds a reputation for your brand. SEO focuses on superior quality content which in turn garners more visitors and builds brand image.

4.     It gives your business a chance to compete in the global market

 Local brands get a global platform and compete against global giants with the help of SEO. It helps your business to get a better position in the global search. It aligns your business to cater to global customers needs. Thus, it facilitates the SME’s to get great customer engagement.

5.     It increases your customer base via mobile phones

Nowadays, mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives. This is the prime reason why mobile traffic is the most dominant force on the internet. An array of SEO techniques is being developed in order to suffice to the needs of the mobile users. These techniques help in growing your local customers by allowing them to find and connect with you when they visit your area.

6.     To stay alive in the competition

Search Engine Optimization helps your business to stay online and rank higher in search engines, which is very much essential in this digital era. This is the reason why companies either outsource SEO services or have their in-house team of SEO experts. If you also wish to thrive in this competition, then SEO is the most vital tool for your business.

7.     Video content

YouTube and other video platforms are gaining immense popularity nowadays. Advertisement on YouTube is the new way of marketing your brand. Here also, you’ll need effective SEO strategy to ensure that your videos are accessible to wider masses. SEO techniques aid your business by providing adequate links and promoting it in an effective manner.