Digital Marketing Trends: Changing The Way We Market To Consumers

With frequently changing modules, new innovations and recent trends, digital marketing has taken the world by storm. We wake up every day only to find something new and different in this sector. A strong urge to innovate and revolutionize virtual marketing is the driving force of this industry. And with constant force, it is progressing forward with new concepts and ideas.

Here is a list of the most exciting trends in the digital marketing industry which has changed the way we sell to our customers:

  1. Voice Search

Digital Marketing Trends- Voice Search
An extremely unique and creative revolution, Voice Search has drastically transformed the way we look towards our customers. Today, people don’t even spend time in typing their query. Instead, they grab their personal device and take help of Virtual Assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, etc to find a solution. This small shift from fingers to vocal cord has provided us with a good prospect in targeting audiences. Today, digital marketing is more about less words, more impression. Customers ask something and we seize this opportunity to directly take that person to our target pages. By creating content for oral questions, we have gradually switched over to the next level of online marketing.

  1. Chat-bots

Be it 6am in the morning or 12 midnight, we always have someone to chat with our visitors. All thanks to this AI-enabled innovation for substantially reducing our costs and helping us to keep track of visitor needs and requirements. Chatbots work exactly like a customer service employee. The best part about it is its quick and instant reply along with all courtesy statements and formalities. People visit our site, ask questions, get their answers and remain satisfied. What more do we want?

  1. Influencer Marketing

The advent of Influencer Marketing has been a bane for this industry. As webmasters, we always try to get a reliable and genuine customer to talk about our commodities. This helps us to win the heart of the listeners and create a positive impression in their minds. If done on a consistent basis, influencer marketing can take a business beyond the sky and generate unimaginable profits in the near future.

  1. Mobile First

Presently, people are drawn towards their mobiles and spend more time romancing with the screen. The ‘Mobile First’ approach is a creation of this consumer behaviour. Most digital advertisements are designed to appear in mobile screens and not necessarily in desktops and computers. We also take care to ensure that sites are user-friendly and customisable, meaning it aptly fits within the screen of the user.

  1. Videos

Of late, video ads have gained immense popularity among the masses. Companies take to YouTube to launch all kinds of videos be it launch events, advertisements, online message or any marketing activity. We further invest in popular videos and place our ads for maximum coverage. Both ‘Skip Ads’ and ‘Non-Skip Ads’ enable us to identify the right customers for our products and services and takes us closer to them.

These are just a few of the trends. Some others are AI, social media channels, enhanced personalisation and many more. While these are trends in the present day, who knows they may become history tomorrow?