How Web Designing Plays a Pivotal Role in Brand Development?

web designing

Web designing is the art of conceptualizing, planning, and creating your website’s look and feel. To make it simple, it is the way of incorporating your website content, which can be images, texts, graphics, animations, or icons, and arranging all these elements of content, in a way to develop a unique brand identity of your site, and of course attract your people. Web designing is the overall architecture of your site, which creates the first impression about your brand, in the minds of your targets.

Website design, look n feel varies according to businesses. A brand that targetskids and teens will have a different design, than a B2B site. Therefore, the kind of business you run, your brand image and your key targets determine your website design. With the right web design, you can develop your brand in the following ways:

web designing

  • Attracts Your Audience

Yes, the very first thing that your website does, is to bring your audience to the site and sustain them for a longer span of time. Irrelevant web designs can snatch away your audience. 94% of online viewers rejected a brand, due to their website. Also, if your website takes more than 3 sec to load, you lose 40% of your potential customers. Be sure to keep bullets and lists, and not paragraphs. 70% of people prefer to look at lists with bullet points whereas a 15% less adjusts without bullet points.

  • Enhances Your Credibility

Web design is another key factor that determines your strength, and credibility. According to research data, 48% of people decide the brand credibility through its web designs. With best web design practices, you can influence purchase decisions, and encourage your potentials to hold your hand.

  • Consistent User Experience

By making a responsive website, you not only make it screen-fit for all digital platforms, but also drive consistent user experience in all these platforms. 67% of people are more likely to fall in love with your site, as well as with your brand, if they can access you from their mobile devices. Digital marketing company designs mobile-friendly sites, and optimizes it, for cross-device functionality.

  • Lead Generation

An attractive web design is a key to generate more leads. When your web designs get good reviews in the online platform, you can capture as much as 72% of new people towards your brand and drive sales.

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