How will Mobile Marketing Develop Your Brands

Mobile Marketing

With 1 billion of mobile subscribers just from India, you must now take the hand-held device seriously. Remember, it’s not just a device, but a platform, full of consumers, who are constantly on the search of something “new”. And if you can quench their hunger, well they are yours. Mobile marketing has indeed become a trend, and if you are not using such opportunities, you are losing quite a lot. Read on to know how mobile marketing will help you to develop your brand in the minds of your audience.

  1. High Mobility & Response Rates

Your consumers are constantly carrying their cell phones, wherever they go. Therefore, there’s no way that they won’t notice you. Your messages reach them instantly and receive some kind of response. Research states that mobile reach has increased to 80%. Also, the response rate is about 15%, which is more than traditional advertising, accounting for 2% to 3%. With high mobility and increasing reach; you can’t lose your customers.

  1. High Interactivity

Since your consumers respond to your communication through their mobiles, you can take it forward and engage them into an interactive session, which can be solving a riddle, filling up survey forms, or asking for feedback. In any case, you are engaging your audience and encouraging two-way communication consistently. Consumers love to talk, and when you ask for their recommendation, well they make your brand a family member.

  1. Integrate Marketing Campaigns

Through the personal cells and by consulting a digital marketing company, you can best integrate your marketing campaigns and enhance your brand’s presence. It gives you a wonderful opportunity to amalgamate innovative advertising and promotional tactics with your existing mobile marketing efforts, to drive constant engagement and boost awareness about your products and services. By doing so, you not only covert customers from mobiles to your sales counter; but also make a long-lasting image in their minds. 68% of companies have successfully integrated mobile marketing efforts with overall marketing strategy.

  1. Customization

Mobiles give you the bright opportunity to target your customers individually and customize your message to strike their minds and touch upon their hearts. By personalizing message, you get to know them better, interact with them and understand their specific needs, and create a common space between your brands and its end-users. Customized messages are more effective in stimulating responses, and delivers a “yes, this is what I am looking for” feeling to your customers.




Author: Hrishikesh

Hrishikesh is Digital Marketing Expert with experience of 4 years in Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Social Media and Email Marketing. He enjoy writing articles and achieving online sales for his clients / company.